Leadership Styles

Case Study Senior COM Dollars – A Case on Leadership Styles Dry.

Diagram is a senior COM in a hospital in Delhi. He has been a senior COM for quite some time and has been rated by many as one of the most effective Doctor with good administrative skills. He has been considered an intelligent, tactful and effective leader by all concerned including his superiors. As part of his organizational duties Dry. Diagram directs four units of his hospital through his competent controlling skills and aggressive executive Influence.

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These units are given the name of units BBC and D within the hospital, and are headed by Dry.

Kapok, Dry. Faze, Dry. Valid and Dry. Shatter respectively. All these four doctors working with Dry.

Diagram care for his guidance and advice whenever they receive from him in the day to day functioning of their respective hospital units. During a particular week, Dry. Diagram went on an inspection of four units under his control. First, Dry. Diagram went on a round of unit a [physiotherapy] which was working under the able charge of Dry.


In this Unit, achieving day to day goals had become some kind of a routine for the group because, these goals and the procedures for achieving them had become very well known to al involved in achieving them as well as to the patients and during the round Dry. Diagram was informed that some of the items recommended for implementation of patient welfare had not yet been completed by the group. Dry. Diagram told Dry.

Kapok to get the things done by giving some incentives to his subordinates as also closely monitor their performance.

He also requested Dry. Kapok to keep him informed on the progress achieved as and when convenient. Dry. Dollars then went on a round of unit B [Psychiatry], which was working under the charge of Dry. Faze.

In this unit also, the overall goals were well understood and supported. However, as the situation will have it. Dry. Diagram was expected to turn out high quality work and service with the help of this unit. During questioning he found that some of the items recommended for completion had not been Implemented, he became a little thoughtful.

After some time he advised Dry.

Faze to Increase his coordination efforts amongst his staff by paying a little more attention to his interpersonal relations with them through good communication and counseling. Thereafter, he went on to undertake his inspection of the other units C [ICILY] and D [Blood Bank], the nature of hose work, he perceived as challenging. Life in these two units was known to be rough and many risks were involved in taking decisions for implementing goals.

In these two units redefining goals often became necessary and the central issues were those of commitment of all Involved rather than of competence. Accordingly, Junior doctors of chosen’ abilities were put in charge of these two units. As far as the chosen in-charges of Units C and D are concerned, Dry.

Vida is a unit in-charge of standing and many senior doctors have been quite satisfied with the way she conducts her work in her unit. Dry Biddy’s unit has shown good results again and again and has also received appreciation from patients and attendants.

There are many senior persons In Dry. Villas unit who along with the In-charge have shown a null sense AT responsibility Ana are almost sell-motivate to conclave results Tort ten unit. Further, Dry. Shatter has been the in-charge of Unit D for a year or so.

He has been a good subordinate and it is felt by many that he may establish himself as a good Unit in-charge, as well. Once again, on to Dry. Dashiki’s inspections of his units. Dry. Diagram started with Unit C which was headed by Dry. Vida.

There he found that some of the items suggested for improvement in the previous report had still not been implemented by Dry. Vida and her team. Dry. Diagram made a casual mention of these items to the in-charge and closed the topic as far as this issue was concerned. He went on to other items on his inspection list for that unit.

After completing his inspection in Dry. Biddy’s unit, Dry. Diagram went to inspect Dry. Stasis’s Unit D. In this unit also he noticed that a number of suggestions which were made in the last inspection report had not been implemented so far by Dry.

Shatter and his team. He felt rather bad about such state of affairs and told the Unit in-charge to personally look into these and do something early. Dry. Diagram, however, indicated that any difficulty faced by Dry. Shatter in implementing the suggestions could be discussed with him and he will be glad to help. Questions 1.

Do you find any difference in the leadership style of Senior COM Dry. Diagram in inspecting the 4 Units I. E. A, B, C ; D? 2. Could you also discuss the appropriateness or otherwise of the leadership styles referred to in question 1 above