Case study on Level Operations

Submitted to: Kappa Khan Introduction The case Introduces to the Stephanie Coles who Is the production manager of the safes. He has been working there since a long time as a production and operation manager he has been working managing the safes and the production plan for the demand of the safe to meet the demand of the safe and match the supply he has planned thoroughly as he comes up with the new Idea. To implement product strategies he has now started a new production plan as the case goes on it goes with ewe twist and turn to the company.

Cole Is now using forecasting method to forecast the demand of safes and hence to meet the supply of the safes, there are many forecasting method and strategies to meet and match the demand and supply. Now, Coles receives the demand for the safes and now is making a plan for the operation to how to continue the business and operations.

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He has come up with the new production schedule and hence they are S 7, SO,SO,SO ,SO which Is hence shown through the help of the table: Model Weekly Demand 120 102 25 Analysis of findings

Demand has been forecasted for the five weeks and the demand per schedule has been given there and hence Coles need to find out the matching product availability of the safes to the customer. The weekly demand must be separated to the daily demand the Stephanie here now has to divide the work the demand has to be broken down into many pieces so it could be done easily