Assessment Case Study Level

Describe the two learners you are going to be using for the case study and the programmer which you are assessing. These can be learners you have actually worked Ninth, or learners who you imagine you would work with, or a composite of learners Ho have known. If they are different from each other, this allows you to provide more evidence as you explain how you will adapt to each.

Explain the assessment strategy that applies to the programmer that you would be assessing, including any specific requirements for assessors e.

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G. To have a Level 3 qualification in the subject yourself. Section 2: planning assessment Outline the planning process you follow with the two learners, including the information that you need to give to the learners (and to anyone else involved in the process) information that you will need from the learner how and why you involve the learner in the planning process which standards/criteria are to be assessed (e. . A module, unit, award) and Neither the assessment is initial, formative or summarize the assessment methods you plan to use how you will make the assessment as holistic as possible any risks that you need to consider and actions taken to minimize those risks any adaptations you may make to the assessment to take account of the individual needs of the learners. Section 3: making assessment decisions

Outline the process you use to make assessment decisions for each of the two learners, including the evidence you require for this programmer how you Judge whether the evidence is sufficient, authentic and current how you ensure that your decisions are fair, reliable, valid and made against the specified criteria how you record and store your assessment decisions and to whom you pass assessment information why it is important to manage assessment information according to organizational procedures

Section 4: giving feedback Explain how you give feedback to the two learners, including when, where and how this takes place, what it covers and how you plan the next steps.

Explain how feedback and questioning are important in the learning and development process. Section 5: quality assurance Describe how you would be involved in procedures for quality assurance (that is, monitoring that is done by your internal verifier/quality assure and how you standardize your decisions with other assessors). Explain the purpose of quality assurance.