Case Study on Operant Conditioning

Operant Conditioning Case Study:

Operant conditioning is the way of the alteration of the human behavior with the help of the factors of reinforcement and punishment.

It is quite possible to change one’s behavior for different purposes. For example, the first attempts to change someone’s behavior were carried out on animals. When a dog does something bad, he is punished and when he does something good, he is praised with food. This method has remained the most effective one for training dogs and other animals. Evidently, the method of reinforcement and punishment is also effective to alter human behavior and bring up children.

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A small kid gets used to the reaction of his parents on his actions and behavior.Most people even do not realize they are using the method of reinforcement and punishment bringing up their children.Operant conditioning is also very useful for self-development and improvement of one’s character. For example, to achieve motivation to work and study people should think about the future perspective and great sums of money paid for their work. On the other hand, if one spends some time to weigh the perspectives of being hungry, alone, without friends, money and shelter, he will start working hard at once to avoid such negative future. It is obvious that operant conditioning is activated only under the effect of the environment and human society.

If one wants to achieve something, he is ready to do the work he does not like – that is the most successful example of the activated operant conditioning.Operant conditioning is one of the most effective forces which can change human behaviour for the better for the sake of the certain important goal. Operant conditioning is based on psychology, so every student who is dreaming about the successful academic career of a psychologist should devote enough time to writing the case study. A successful case study is a scrupulous research of the narrow problem based on operant conditioning. Generally, every case has its roots in the definite situation from the real life, characterized with the successful or failed use of the operant conditioning learning technique. One should investigate the case, find out the reason of the problem and analyze its consequences supported with the smart conclusion.

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