Case Study on Smartphones

Case Study on Smartphones:

A smart phone is a mobile phone which is seriously improved with the functionality of the personal computer. Although mobile phones have always had various extra options and applications, like a calculator, a calendar, etc, with the run of time new and new versions of phones appeared which differed greatly from the rest with their intelligence and multifunctionality. Very soon the power of these phones has become so high, that they began to be called smart phones.

With the increase of the popularity of smart phones another type of appliances like communicators appeared.Communicators are compact personal computers with the functions of a mobile phone. Inasmuch both appliances have the same functions and service, the division into smart phones and communicators is not relevant. Smart phones differ from the ordinary mobile phones with the existence of the operating system which includes numerous applications and increases the power of the smart phone increasing its opportunities and broadening the service and usefulness in various situations. In fact, the situation on the market of mobile phones has been changing rapidly, because the ordinary mobile phones gain the functions of the smart phones and very soon the relevance of the mobile phones will disappear and smart phones will conquer the entire market. The history of smart phones is closely connected with the appearance of the first personal computers.

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The engineers and programmers of the late 20th century decided to combine a mobile phone with a personal computer and this idea was embodied very soon and since the 1990-ies the smart phone devices have been improving and conquering the market rapidly.Nowadays dozens of companies produce smart phones and every tries to introduce more and more functions into its device making it cheaper, economical and more attractive to customers. If a student has decided to prepare a smart phones case study, he should devote much time to the collection of the facts about the problem and its core aspects. One should explain the technology of smart phones, their revolutionary impact on the society, their importance, advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, one should focus of the direct problem of the case, learn about the cause and effect of the problem on smart phones and think about the solutions of the problems suggested for the analysis.

The best method to cope with a case study is to take advantage of the reliable assistance of the Internet. One is able to take advantage of a free example case study on smart phones prepared by an expert and catch the right way of writing. The student can learn about formatting, the appropriate structure of the paper and the way of the analysis of the topic just reading a free sample case study on smart phones in the web.