Case Study on Technical Writing

Technical Writing case study:

Technical writing is the creation and editing of the technical documents, descriptions of goods and services. The major characteristics of technical writing are the technical description of products, including computer software, medicines, domestic electronic appliances, chemicals, etc, and the presentation of the facts which are essential for the customer, for example, the rules of the right usage of the product and the set of warnings which make the usage safe and secure.

Technical writing includes the writing of the technical documentation and technical publications. The texts written in such a manner are used as instructions for the right usage of a product and inform the customer about the qualities of the product, its positive and negative sides. It is obvious, that the most important side of technical writing is the ability of the writer to present the information in the correct and captive way. The consumer should be able to understand the structure, the type of the product, the rules of the proper usage just reading the piece of the technical writing (the text of the instruction).The best helpers of every technical writer are the text editors and programmes, like MS Word, Adobe FlameMaker and WinHelp Technical writers are not always the full-time employees of a firm, but the freelancers who are good at technical writing and are looking for the part-time job. Technical writing embraces nearly all the spheres of the human activity and the typical spheres which require technical writing are: pharmacy, food industry, automobile production, the services of the mobile communications, home appliance, computer technologies, etc.

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The sphere of the technical writing is widely used in the computer games projecting and in this case technical writers are not only the authors of the instructions but the scriptwriters and designers of the game.Technical writing is the important topic for the analysis, because it is found in every sphere of the human life, as every product manufactured anywhere is described with the help of this type of writing. The student can observe the direct example of technical writing and solve the case in the right way. One should learn about the cause and effect of the problem associated with technical writing and think about the appropriate manner of the analysis and solution of the problem drawing the right conclusions.When a case study becomes a problem, the student can improve his chance to complete a good paper using the advice of the Internet.

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