Case Study on Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu OS Case Study:

Ubuntu operating system is the operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux.

The main creator and sponsor of the production of the operating system is Canonical Company. Today the project of Ubuntu operating system is actively developed and supported by the virtual community. According to the statistics provided by Canonical Ltd Ubuntu is used by more than 20 million people what makes it one of the most popular distributives of Linux for desktops. It is the fourth most popular Linux’ distributive for the web servers and its popularity is increasing constantly. Generally, the new versions of Ubuntu are released every half of a year. Ubuntu is supplied with the software for servers and workstations.

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It is installed in the PCs with the help of LiveCD, LiveUSB or the text installer. In the version of LiveDVD there are more opportunities starting from the process of installation not only in the graphic but in the text mode and finishing with the complete localization and a great software suite on the disc.The history of the creation of the operating system started in 2004 when Debian decided to create its branch but very soon the qualities and functions of Ubuntu attracted much attention and the system became quite popular. Ubuntu is aimed at the convenient work and easiness of its use. It uses the widespread utilities sudo and enables the users to fulfil the administrative duties without the launching of a potentially dangerous session of the superuser.

Ubuntu can be used by the people from all over the world due to its internationalization.Ubuntu operating system is quite an interesting topic for the research if one wants to improve his knowledge about the existing operating systems and their strong and weak sides. A successful Ubuntu operating system case study is supposed to explain the problem of the case well and solve it professionally. The student should collect much information about Ubuntu in order to be able to analyze the topic correctly. One is expected to research the case site, get to know about the cause of the problem connected with Ubuntu and define its effect. In the end there is the requirement to suggest the best methods for the research of the problem and improvement of the situation which has occurred in the case.

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