Case Study Paper

The case study could be a system you have personal experience with, or it could be a system that o can conduct research on without having first-hand experience. Careful selection of an appropriate problem will be of immense aid throughout the balance of the semester. Select a project that is reasonably complex and one that will allow you to find data required to complete the homework assignments. Consider large-scale local government programs. Rhea final paper will develop during the course of the semester.

You will be writing it In six sections, corresponding to the sections identified below: Section #1 : Identify a system and the reason for its development (10 points) Identify needs associated with the selected topic of interest.

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Locate the needs and/or objectives document used by the acquisition agent, users, and developers (if one exists). Identify what you believe to be the need for the system. Section #2: Management (10 points) Identify the management and development models used to develop your selected system. Identify how performance of the final system compared to performance as envisioned early in the development lifestyle.

How were those involved in the project motivated to support the effort? What type of development approach was used (e. G.

, Antenatal, V-Model, Agile, etc.. )? Compare the original schedule with the actual results. Section #3: Requirements. (10 points) Locate, if possible, a requirements document associated with your selected system.

Analyze the document using Davis’ 13 quality factors (Correct, Unambiguous, Complete, Verifiable, Consistent, Understandable by customer, Modifiable, Traced, Traceable, Design independent, Annotated, Concise, Organized).

Some of Davis’ quality factors apply to individual requirements (e. G. , unambiguous) while other apply to documents as a whole (e. G. , organized).

Apply these factors accordingly to {Our selected requirements set. If you cannot locate an actual document for your elected system, conduct a one-tier attitudinal analysis and did TTY the principal requirements for each function, as well as overall system requirements. Identify driving requirements. These may be related to risk or human safety. Section #4: Risk (5 points) Use the risk identification approach covered in class to identify risks associated with {Our selected project. Briefly analyze and prioritize these risks.

Consider how you might have mitigated these risks. Finally, discuss the role risk played in the actual development or operation of your selected system. Section #5: Lessons Learned (5 points) Identify lessons learned from the perspective of acquisition agents, users, developers, and others affected by your selected system.

What lessons have you learned that can be applied to new system developments? Section #6: References (5 points) Any documents or web resources used must be referenced. Evaluation Evaluation of the written report will be based on completeness in addressing all key Systems Engineering concepts.

Reports are expected to be well organized, well Mitten and with references where appropriate. 1 Including budgets in your case study projects are optional. No points will be deducted if project budget is not included.