Case Study: Pauli’s Restaurant


Paulo’s Restaurant and Microbrewery is a popular downtown pub in a major city. It has different locations or expansions in six regional cities and also operates a corporate web site.

On which, one of the features of the restaurant’s website Is customers’ feedback section that Is directly sent to the corporate Vice President and to the General Manager. However, Paulo’s Restaurant and Microbrewery is experiencing some issues, especially in customer service and some internal management. It was discovered by the Vice President and General Manager that one of their loyal customers sent a complaint. And part of the complaint was the following: Service was very slow, lack of appropriate or updated menu Information, waitress did not ask for an apology, and lack of restaurant crew members.

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Statement and Details of the Problem Building a restaurant in the business industry is not that easy to maintain and get what customers’ wants. There are times that the restaurant will really experience different contingencies, especially when It talks about customer service.

There are lot of things that the owner should plan and learn unique techniques and strategy in order for the restaurant to win the customers’ tastes and preferences, and develop customer relationship. With the case study, the proponent was able to observe and determine distinct problems regarding the situation.

Here are the following problems of Pall’s Restaurant and Microbrewery: AU ‘s Restaurant Ana Monomolecular Integrate tenet Test Total Q Management practice that involves human resource, internal and external customers, and quality assurance management in improving their customer service and in order for them to maintain the loyalty of their customers? Operations of the restaurant’s servers are inconsistent and their service is inadequate, for such reasons, they lack updated menu information, waiters/waitresses are too over- committed to many tables, their service is too slow and they lack rapport. What actions should the General Manager or the Vice President do regarding the complaint hat they’ve had received from their loyal customer? With this issue, the General Manager should directly respond and ask for apologize, for the waitress failed to apologize due to their bad service. The General Manager should give assurance to their customer that it will not happen again and should improve and manage the system in the restaurant. * What other alternative actions they need to add or change and improve their customer service?

Paulo's Restaurant Case Study

Upper positions should plan for a General meeting in order for them to discuss the issues that their restaurant is facing. Human resource should ire new applicants and train them accordingly and quality assurance should manage and take control for the quality and services they offer/serve their customers. Objectives The objective of the case study is to identify best practices in order to formulate operational framework and provide integration directives for implementing and monitoring the business. Here are the distinct objectives that were identified:


To develop and enhance the customer service provided by all the crews of the restaurant.


To make consistent and reliable schedule for the reservations and improvised online transactions/reservations.


To hire additional crew members in order to minimize waiting customers waiting time.



To make each personnel aware of their responsibilities.


It is analyzed that actual observation of the implementation of good practices in customer service are vital to procure important insights on how the application of operations improve its quality that is beneficial to the business. An alternative observation was done to examine and check the difference of restaurant’s approach in services. One example of this is Poncho a Korean restaurant, located inside Braze mall. Although their food needs time to prepare, frontline crews don’t forget to remind their customers to wait for the exact time.

And as what the proponent has observed the Manager would go out and welcome customers and provide their menu. The Manager is there to assist you and would also suggest/recommend their best food. Although the price is quite expensive, you will be assured and satisfied with the quality of the food and their good service.

They also provide cue cards/ menders to tenet customers Witt special color, In order Tort teem to specialty take-out and take-in orders. The cashiers take orders fast and are well reminded/updated of the availability of the menu. Although there were Just two cashiers, three waiters and two managers that were assigned to take in-charge on that said shift, they were able to manage and control the movement and process in their restaurant without letting customers be disappointed.

Moreover, it was observed that the Poncho Korean restaurant has expansions also to different places in the world.


SOOT Analysts:

  • Strengths Length of operation in business industry Expansions in different countries Has and operates a corporate website Weaknesses Lack of human resource management Lack of quality assurance, especially customer service Lack of internal management and training
  • Opportunities Market opportunities
  • Threats Loyal customers would possibly stop ordering or buying meals in the restaurant and would possibly buy to different restaurant Other restaurant competent

Thus, it is observed and best simplified to use strength in order to maximize opportunity and minimize weaknesses and threats at the same time in order to implement and improve best practices for the business. Fishbone Diagram: Alternative Courses of Actions This section will discuss on how will the recommendations be integrated and implemented.

The alternative will discuss the description of the method of application and implementation with how they will manage the restaurant’s improvement. Gradual Method is the alternative course that can be suggested and implemented in order to continue the improvement of their business.

The advantage of this alternative is the detailed treatment of all issues and opportunities to all business function. This method is more flexible and with this method, there will be a chance of actual testing of ideas. Major Findings Positive Hangs: After the final assessment of Paulo’s Restaurant and Microbrewery, it was found out that the business is potential to be a market leader.

This is because of their different length of operations and because the restaurant is established to geographical market industry and is expanding. Negative Findings: It was found out that the restaurant lacks of crew members to handle services and orders and due to this, staffs needs to be trained well in order to improve the process and services of the restaurant. The Human resource management needs to ensure hat internal staffs are happy working in the business so that they will provide good services towards their customers.

Moreover, the restaurant is inadequate of ensuring quality assurance and control management and finally, crew members were lack of rapport and needs worthy awards in order for them to work hard accordingly.


In order for Paulo’s Restaurant and Microbrewery manage and improve their business, there are number of recommendations that they need to follow and implement: Paulo’s Restaurant should hire more staffs in order for them to provide sat and reliable service. The President, Vice President and Managers should plan and have a general meeting to study and improve their quality management, internal management, and to set trainings for their crew members. Paulo’s Restaurant should create an additional feature in its website, especially for table reservations. Managers or supervisors should observe and report everyday if how was the service in the restaurant is doing. The restaurant can hire entertainers or may give free cookies to customers waiting.

Restaurant may place a LED sign in front the cashiers’ taxation in order for the waiters and the customers to be updated of the availability of the food. The restaurant must improve their customer relationship management in order to maintain and add more loyal customers. Conclusion Different operations in business industry requires science and art to create its best marketing mix in order to satisfy customers’ needs and wants. Therefore, in order to solve their problems, the business requires holistic view of the situation and greater understanding of internal and external factors. With this, it will require creative touch in management, delivery, and execution of service.