Healthy Restaurant Case Study

We are exploring three possible locations for our restaurant: Deep Cove, Allendale Quay and Park Royal Village.

In the Situation Analysis we are discuss each locations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The problem has been documented and an evaluation of the each location has been charted. We weighted numerous different factors In each location Including advertising, cost, competition, maintenance/upgrading, parking, and foot traffic. We weighted each criteria and after comparing and contrasting all three locations we decided upon the Park Royal Walla as our Ideal location.

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Although It was low In score on the cost, It provided us with other benefits such as foot traffic, parking, and an Ideal building (as It Is a newer building already set up as a restaurant It will not require extensive upgrading or renovations. ) 2.

Situation Analysis our group AT Restaurant Entrepreneurs Is looking to open up a Drain new Health conscious Restaurant located on the beautiful North Shore which includes the City of North Vancouver, and the municipality of West Vancouver. We feel the North Shore is a perfect region to open up a Restaurant due to the ideal target market.

Many students and tourists are looking for healthy dining options. We strongly feel this will be an excellent addition to the collection of restaurants that the North Shore has. Our focus of the restaurant is to serve dishes that are healthy, locally produced, and organically grown. We require our location to provide an enticing space for our guests with an CEO-centric feel.

Our location must be able to seat our guests indoors and outdoors. It is also necessary for the location to be easily accessed by residents and visitors of the North Shore, and be in a well-established area.

We have chosen here potential locations for our restaurant and we will examine the external and internal factors that may affect our final location choice. Supporting information and photos follow. Location 1 : Deep Cove Geographic factors Our first location is near Panorama Park in Deep Cove, North Vancouver.

Panorama Park is a popular waterfront park offering excellent views of Deep Cove and provides an area for boating, swimming, strolling, hiking and picnicking. Events such as the Penguin Plunge on New Year’s Day and Summer Concert in the Cove are held here each year and attract many visitors and residents.

Swimming, walking, hiking, a large seating area and picnic shelter, and a forested greenbelt attract many tourists to this spot. Potential customers could stroll through Deep Cove and dine overlooking Indian Arm. It is located at CHIC-4390 Gallant Avenue in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, British Columbia. This location is approximately 22 kilometers which is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver.

Demographic factors From the testimonials of many customers of Arms Reach Bistro, the restaurant currently existing on our first potential location, claim that they have beautiful memories of eating brunch or lunch there.

They said the restaurant is a place people would take someone they care very much for or an out-of-town visitor for brunch, lunch or dinner and then a nice walk around the shores of Deep Cove. Most of them said they would gladly come back any time. Our potential customers’ age is over 20 years old. They are educated and independent.

Their incomes allow them many choices. They concern about their health and diet and prefer organic and healthy food and drink. Cryptographic factors our potential customers are Innovators Ana tankers. I nee are motivate Ana successful, sophisticated, take-charge people with high self-esteem.

They are change leaders and are the most receptive to new ideas. Image is important to innovators not as evidence of status or power but as an expression of their taste.

They tend to be well educated and actively seek out information in the decision-making process. Property information Approximately 1 . 100 sq. Ft Street pay parking, free park parking price range: $ 200,000-$ 300,000 Lots of window space Outside patio area beside street Around 15 tables are available Picturesque, quiet ocean view SOOT analysts Strength The currently existing restaurant has a good reputation in terms of food, service, alee and atmosphere.

We can keep the regular customers if we offer healthy and organic food. The location possesses beautiful and quiet view.

We can attract many customers even out of North Vancouver. Weakness The location does not have parking The patio is sometimes noisy since it is right beside street. Because of the remote location, hiring employees is difficult. Opportunities Deep Cove is one of very well-known tourist attractions in BC. Many people visit Deep Cove every year. In Panorama Park, there are lots of summer recreation facilities such as cannoning and kayaking, picnic area and walking trails.

Panorama Park hold many annual events and festivals such as art and music festivals. For the socio-cultural factors, many people concern about their health and diet these days. They will bring their families and loved ones to share healthy food and beautiful view. Threats Especially in Summer, parking is difficult due to many tourists parking. Deep Cove is a remote place; attracting customers from distant area is challenging.

There are many competitor restaurants in Panorama Park such as fish and chips, sushi and pizza restaurants. Map and pictures Location 2: Allendale Geographic Factors

Quay Our Second location is located in Chadwick Court at the Allendale Quay. A perfect waterfront location Just steps away from the Seabed connecting to downtown and a bus loop. At the foot of Allendale this area is fast developing and full of foot traffic. In the Pier development (adjacent to our restaurant location) alone, two new residential buildings totaling in 363, 823 Ft. Of new residential space are in the works to be built, increasing the foot traffic (City of North Vancouver Lower Allendale Development Guide.

) In addition there is the new Versatile building three blocks North of our attention location with 62 more new homes opening up.

This location also offers lots of exposure as the Allendale Quay is home to events such as Caribbean days, Summer Fest, Party at the Pier and a farmers market that runs from May to October. Allendale Quay opened in 1986 for Expo 86, making this a well-established location on the North Shore. Demographic Factors Our target market for a modern, healthy, and organic restaurant would be a younger demographic in the ages 25-40. In the Lower Allendale area 39% of the population is Detente ten ages AT 20-44 (BC stats) Ana Drills us ten perfect target market living In he area.

The Allendale Quay is also a popular tourist attraction and is the home of a Visitors Centre, Seabed terminal, and bus loops making it a hub for the North Shore. The average income in the Allendale area is $62,334 before taxes which is the lowest income bracket of our three locations. For the market we are targeting it is low as the cost of our supplies will be higher for organic, local and sustainable products. Property Information Square footage: unknown cost: $249,000 Seating: up to 70 Seats possible with patio Lots of window and patio seating Older, somewhat outdated building

Located near the Seabed terminal and entrance to the quay Rent $5,292 + HOST seats 70 Minimum Marketing due to location Previous business revenues were $50,000+ during the summer months Patio Weakness Out of date building, requires maintenance and renovation Opportunities Busy and crowed area due to the Seabed and adjacent Allendale Quay Easily recognized in pedestrian pathway Excellent views of Vancouver Threats Apparent lack of parking Lack of loading space Competition from market food court Location 3 Park Royal Village Our Third Location is in the heart of West Vancouver at The Village in Park Royal.

The tree address is 825 Main Street. People come from all over the North Shore to shop at Park Royal as it is the biggest mall on the North Shore.

Whether it’s before or after some serious shopping, people will be looking for something to eat at Park Royal. With Embellished beach a five minute walk away, people can enjoy a nice healthy meal after walking the seawall, or after a soccer game Just a few blocks away. The West Vancouver Community Centre is about 10 blocks away and offers many fitness programs as well as rehabilitation programs. People using these facilities will likely want to eat healthy after exercising.

Park Royal is among the top 15 shopping centers in Canada in sales per square foot, and ranks in the top three for Metro Vancouver. Park Royal was the first suburban shopping centre in Canada, and has almost 6000 free parking stalls.

(electromagnetically. Com) Potential customers will range anywhere from 17 to 60 years old. Nearly 15 million people visit Park Royal per year with 440% more repeat visits per month than the average mall in the Metro Vancouver area. Anyone who is looking for a healthy meal to lead “a healthy lifestyle” will likely eat at our restaurant.

After being at the beach, hopping around park royal, or even exercising at the nearby community centre, people will likely prefer a healthy meal.

The Average Household Income in West Vancouver is $185,304 and home ownership is 76%. Property Information: Square footage: scoff Cost: Seating: 34 tables, 4-5 seats each with patio space available in summer, seats approximately 140 inside, and 230 with the patio open New building, very modern Located in Park Royal Village SOOT Analysts Busy place, lots of foot traffic, central, lots of potential interest in health food, free parking, ease of advertisement Weakness Patio not covered, cost? Tots of other restaurants around Promo with Park Royal, Festivals Cactus Club, Milestones, The Keg 3. Problem Our problem is finding a strategic location on the North Shore that will prove to be profitable and reputable. We have three potential locations and we need to analyze and decide between. 4. Alternative Analysis: Below is a cart of how we have chosen, analyzed, and prioritize the most important factors to our location.

We chose our criteria for our location based on factors we felt would determine the success of our restaurant. . Solution Based on the above factoring we have chosen Park Royal to be the location of our assistant. Although it had one of the lower scores on factors such as cost, we believe that ultimately the revenue generated will surpass the initial purchase cost. We also factored in criteria such as the cost to update/renovate and felt that it would be the lowest at this particular location. Competition was also a negative factor for the area, but we believe that our restaurant’s theme is unique enough to draw business to our restaurant.

Whole Foods may be a greater competition for us during a lunch hour period, with a cafe© serving similar foods as us, but as we intend to have a liquor license we will have the opportunity to serve more people, a different market of diners, and offer our services for longer hours into the night life. Although Whole Foods does act as an external threat to us, we also believe that having an established health food grocery store near our location will bring in a range of customers with a previously developed interest into our product.

We also appreciate this location for the market of people with a higher income living in the area. The cost of our supplies will be higher as we intent to be as local and sustainable as possible, being surrounded by the highest income of all three actions will serve us well. It allows us more room to incorporate a higher budget for our food and drinks, while still targeting our surrounding market.

Given all the factors, the Park Royal location suits all of our most important wants the most Ana gives us an standalone, null Income area to start our restaurant. . Implementation 1 . Weighted decision making – Effective Executives 2. Get loaned approved and sign the lease – Anne Lee 3.

Obtain business licenses and liquor licenses – Anne Lee 4. Advertise new restaurant on the North Shore – Kali Sago & Deirdre Accustomed 5. Design menu tit Chef Roland 6. Find local suppliers – Stefan van Golden 7. Hire and train employees – Rachel Myers 8.

Plan a grand opening and invite members of the community – Kali Sago & Deirdre Accustomed 9. Open restaurant – Effective Executives 7.

General Ideas As students and friends our mission was to choose a location that would be best suited for the type of business we want to open. Teamwork and communication was vital to this project. We were given a small amount of time for a large detailed project and in order to get the work done in the allotted time frame, we needed to delegate ND communicate what needs to be done by each team member.

We learned that it can be a challenge to meet as group, due to other obligations outside the classroom. It was important that we communicate with each other and our main sources were email and telephone.

As a team we did come together a few times to collaborate on the project and it was proven to be productive and crucial to completing the project. We split the work by the several locations and then met to combine our efforts. The overall consensus of the group is we all get along; we were able to collectively agree n a location, and type of business. Had there been personality conflicts within the group, it could have potentially conflicted with progress of our project.

We learned that group projects can be successful when grouped with fellow positive and energetic classmates.

Changes made by Stefan: Scoring on cost would be low not high (third paragraph Executive Summary) Changed “, building” to and an ideal building (third paragraph Executive Summary) Reworded sentence about focus of restaurant in Situational Analysis Location 1 SGF- changed “our location is located in” to “our location is in” “and a forested rental” Being more specific it overlooks Indian Arm rather than Barbara Inlet UDF- First potential location not third Reworded first sentence Made other small changes Location 2 GHZ- change ” In ten works to go up” to ” In ten works to owe healthy, and organic restaurant lower case Income in the Allendale area u t” UDF- mace modern, I didn’t list every single change I made because some of them were Just adding a word or taking out a word or rearranging words, didn’t want to write all the little ones out hay If there are any you guys find feel free to change them