Case Study – Phoenix

In the case study of the Jackson Home the case workers were not aware of the conditions of the home because for one thing the lights were turned off. The parents could have hid the children that were not feed so that the case worker did not see them. I think that if you are going to check a house for five months and there is no DOD in the refrigerator and the lights have been turned off then there is something “rang with those parents and that is irresponsible.

If that happened then the caseworker really didn’t care about the children in my opinion. In this case I believe that the nine members of the Division of Youth and Family Services should have been fired because it is preposterous that nothing was done in ten years to help these boys. These boys were starving to death and as a parent it makes me sick to my tomcat that no one cared.

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If these people were checking the home right all those Children would have been taken years ago because of child abuse.

In this case Justice Nas served because the mother was put in Jail for seven years and the boys got 12. 5 million dollars’ worth of caucus. If it was me sentencing the mother I would have put her in prison for a life sentence and made her pay. The Judge did the right thing but he could have been not as lenient of her sentence.

The situation could have been reverted by the caseworkers actually doing there Job instead of doing nothing.