Bentley Case Study

This semester I was able to do a case study on a 5 year old girl named Bentley. The study lasted for about 5 weeks and I enjoyed every piece of it. My goals going into this case study was to understand how Bentley grows, her developmental milestones, and how she recognizes and responds to her everyday life.

Some of the benefits of Nat I saw were some of her strength and weakness I learned a lot about Bentleys physical development. Bentley loves to play outside with her friends, loves to ride her bike, play with her play dough, and draw pictures.

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This is great because these are some of the key gross/fine motors skills that she should have right now. Bentleys self- help skills are on track as well. She can brush her teeth, tie her shoes and get herself dressed in the morning.

Plus help her daddy with her younger siblings. Bentley is going in to the first grade in the fall. Her language and literacy development is right on track. She can write, read and spell her name. She is reading on a level 1 reading level.

She knows all of her sight words like go, come, mom, dad, and sit, run. Bentley eves to make up stories about lady bugs and princesses.

In her house her mother is really big on use grammar correctly so her speech was excellent for a 5 year old. Some time I had to remember that she is 5 when we talked. Right now Bentley is in the operational Stage of the Pigged four stages of Cognitive development theory.

Although she can read and make up stories she has a hard time telling me what happens at the beginning of them. She thinks that if you pour the same amount of Neater in a flat container and a tall container, the tall one has more water in it. Nettles social and emotional development is on the right track.

In Erik Erosion’s stage of psychosocial development Bentley is in the third stage called Initiative vs..

Guilt. She shows sense of Initiative. Bentley loves to help out around the house. She asks a lot of questions all the time and loves to meet new people. She shows a lot of empathy and altruism like when her little sister needs her shoes tied she will tie them for her or if her mother is fixing her little brother a bottle she will comfort him until her mother comes back. Bentley can’t separate fantasy and reality all that good he still thinks that sharks will get you if you go into the ocean.

And that if you are talking in the library that will kick you out. I have learned that Bentley is a bright Child, and that she is a go-get her. Throughout this whole case study I had to focus on the child that I was observing. I could not talk to other people and compare intently to any of the other children around her age. I had to stay professionally and unbiased the whole time.

No two children are alike and when u compares a child to another child it brings that child down because they think that they are slow or not Ovid.

It’s essential that any discussions or comments regarding students or family Issues are not voiced in the presence of children or parents. Anything that concerns child, parent, or staff member should stay in the center, school, home or program. Children don’t want gossip spreading about themselves..

. Nor do parents want gossip going on about their child, themselves, or home life. You have to think about the self- esteem and feelings of the child and parents. Her dad was a great help in the whole case study. Whenever I needed to see Bentley he didn’t have a problem with it.

Every lay bettor I let I went over Witt near parents what I wrote down so that they would be comfortable with the case study. If there was a concern that Bentley was behind I Mould have sat the parents down and talk to them about what was wrong. I would then ask if it was k to bring a friend of mine to come with me next time so that she could observe her. I would let the parents know that she was a professional child care specialist and that whatever is said would stay between us (parents too). But thanks goodness there was none.