Case study SDM

Further, the hotel placed orders for supply of 20 kegs every day. Now mushroom industry is run by small entrepreneurs, like Caching and Virago. Another big player M/s Stravinsky Mushrooms, equipped with cold storage facility was more interested In the export market. Caching and Virago have set their sights high.

They alma to sell mushrooms In a very big way all over India. Mushrooms have a great market potential and Is a perishable food. Questions A. How will you advise Caching and Virago, as how to increase the consumer awareness about this new food?

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What would be your suggestions for distribution channel for mushrooms? B. Possible Solutions Consumer awareness can be created by test marketing. Through sales persons and customer response to the product.

Samples can be distributed In big malls and Variety stores. Awareness can also be created through outdoor publicly such as wall hoardings, banners, Insertions In news papers etc. Targeted Customers: Hotels * Household sector * Restaurants * Industrial canteens Brand name of the company along with the product can also be highlighted to the customer by using the concept of event marketing.

For different kinds of selling modes they can target different customers Institutional sale: Hotel / Restaurants/longitudinal canteens Individual sale: Household Approach to hotel industry can be made and product benefit can be shown to convince the customer. Mushroom related recipe booklet can be given to them for use.

Can approach the T. V programs for Khan Khan to show different recipes of Mushrooms in their shows. Dealer push through sales promotion campaign. Press meetings can be a way to consumer awareness.

Editors, ruinations of newspapers having maximum circulation can be contacted and samples to be distributed to them (such as 250 GM or 100 GM packs). Packaging should be attractive.

Distribution network: Product having being perishable, company should go for faster and effective distribution network having cold storage facility. Distribution through company allover vans In local market Ana Lustrously markets. Network Sales person Chain Store Telemarketing Manufacturer Supplier Retailer Customer Order Case Study 2 Indian Refrigerator Market outing n rail or road transport t to roan Indian’s Refrigerator market estimated at RSI. 750 Cry. Is catered mainly by 10 brands. The annual capacity is estimated at around 4.

15 million units is running head of demand of 1. 5 millions. As there is a demand and a surplus supply, all the manufacturers are trying out for new strategies in the market. Times have changed and also the buying behavior of the customer. Earlier it was cash and carry system. Now dealers play an important role in selling; now the systems is exchange for old “bring your old refrigerator and take a new one with many gifts”.

A new company by name Electrocute has entered the market which has acquired Lankly, Cultivator and Volta brand. Researchers have revealed that urban and city sales are declining and hence all manufacturers are trying to concentrate on rural markets. Electrocute strategy is customization of market, with special attention to the Northern and Southern India markets, while Godard the main player thinks that dealer network in rural market for sales and service will be beneficial and is trying to give more emphasis on dealer network, whereas Whirlpool has adopted the strategy of increasing the dealer network by 30%.

The market shares of the major players are as follows: God reek Evidence Cultivator Lankly Volta Whirlpool Deadwood Others 5% 27% 1% 1 . Could the refrigerator market be segmented on geographical base planned by Electrocute? 2. What would be the marketing mix for rural market? 3.

Would 125 L and 150 L models be an ideal choice to launch in rural market? 1 . The main Justification for Electrocute strategy would be Electrocute is amalgamation of 3 companies, Cultivator, Volta and Lankly. Lankly is popular in South Indian arrest, while Cultivator is famous in North India Market.

Electrocute wants to cash in on the popularity of the respective brands. It is not possible to segment according to North or South Indian Market, once a company’s name becomes a logo, then the reason for buying for customers for other brand depends upon price, quality, usability and features of the product. The storage pattern of foods in North India and South India is same.

Same is the case of rest of India, so it won’t be possible to segregate the market according to the geographical base. 2. The rural market is small but significant as far as refrigerator is concerned.

Moreover, the cost of selling of dealer in the rural market should also be Justified. The type of food the rural people consume should also be taken into account; they prefer to have more of natural foods and less of derived food products like Ice- creams, Utter, scenes etc. I en cost AT ten retaliatory snouts De less attractive to buy.

The size and material should be so adjusted that the cost price would be reasonable. The capacity of the refrigerator should be 100 1 – 300 1. Much more space as to be given for storing vegetables.

Other important factor to be taken into consideration is the Power supply which is not so good in rural areas. To avoid the voltage fluctuations in built stabilizers will be the selling features in the rural areas.

3. The chances of selling of 125 1 and 150 1 refrigerators are high because the prices of the refrigerators would be less. This would be a major factor. The second aspect would be they don’t have many items to store. They would prefer a small refrigerator, also the space in their homes are not very big wherein a small refrigerator would serve their needs.