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Development Quick Guide for Students Meriting a case study “hat is in this guide 0 0 0 0 What is a case study? Writing a case study Writing a case study in report format Writing a case study in essay format Related Quick Guides Nat is a case study? Case studies require you to apply theory to a real-world example. Generally a case study provides a description of a particular practice, for example a business problem, scenario or situation, as a basis for a critical analysis, review and/or evaluation.

Importantly, the critical analysis/review/evaluation of the case in point is then undertaken by applying the relevant theory to a real-world example. According to Summers and Smith (2003, p. 48), the main aim of case study type assignments centers around: 0 0 0 assisting students in learning to apply selected theories through simulated problem solving and decision-making, allowing students to learn actively (by doing) rather than passively (by simply listening to lecturers or reading); and reinforcing the applicability of theory to practical situations.

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There are a variety of ways in which case studies are used. Hence there are a number of different ways that they can be structured.

Two common ways of writing case studies are to write them as a report or as an essay. You can use the same information for either structure, you Just present it differently. If you are set a case study as an assignment, make sure you ask your lecturer or tutor which format you are supposed to use. Division of Teaching & Learning Academic Skills Development T: +61 2 6620 3386 E: [email protected] Du. AU W: http://www.

Cue. Du. AU/academicals/ [last edited on 25/3/2013] Writing a case study in report format A formal case report is generally organized into sections with headings. These are usually numbered as in the example below: Letter of transmittal (not always required) Title page Executive summary Table of contents Introduction or case background Body of the analysis Alternative solutions Conclusion/recommendations Implementation plan (if requested) References List Appendices Source: Summers, J & Smith, B (2003).

Communication skills handbook, Milton, SLD, Australia: John Wiley & Sons.

Writing a case study in essay format En a case study is written as an essay, it has an introduction, body and conclusion. Rhea most important point to remember is to present the analysis of the particular case in relation to the theory and the best practice that stems from that theory. The following example paragraph from a case study demonstrates analysis of a case. 4. Nature of Organizational Design and Design Principles BBC Mission has a matrix organizational design because it incorporates the following ix design principles: specialization, differentiations, chain of command, span of control, centralization and decentralization and formalization (Robbins, Millet & Analects-Marsh 2004, p. 474).

… (remainder of paragraph omitted). The span of control at BBC Mission is one where there are dual lines of control (Robbins, Millet & Unilateralism 2004, p.


In the Aged Care business at BBC Mission, there are two Regional Directors, one for Western Region and one for Northern Region (see Appendix 3 for the organizational chart for BBC). While staff within each department eve their respective managers heading the department, the two Regional Directors often request tasks/information from staff within these support departments. While there is the potential in this sort of structure for role conflict, unclear expectations and role ambiguity from having to report to two bosses (Robbins et al. 004, p. 475), the issue to sat TTT reporting to more than one boss does not seem to cause problems at BBC Mission.

Therefore it seems that the dual lines of control in the organization Nor well. Note how: The first paragraph makes a statement about the case in relation to one of he theoretical concepts: it has attributes which are consistent with a matrix organizational structure.

The second paragraph explains how the case under study demonstrates the theory and draws the ideas presented in the paragraph to a logical conclusion which connects with the Judgment made in the opening sentence. Related Quick Guides Meriting paragraphs, Organizing information for your assignments, How to demonstrate critical Judgment This resource was funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee Division of reaching & Learning Academic Skills Development T: +61 2 6620 3386 E: