Cell Phones in Students

Many students nowadays have cell phones.

They can be a basic part of every day life. But many schools ban the use of them during school hours, and if you get caught using your cell phone, it could possibly be confiscated.I personally hate my school’s rule about not using cell phones in school. Practically every student has one. Everywhere there are people secretly texting during class or texting in the halls between classes. If you need to call your parents during the day to let them know you suddenly need to stay after school for something when you hadn’t planned on staying after, you need to use a teacher’s phone.

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You can’t use your cell phone. It’s the same thing for an emergency. At one school in Florida, the kids are allowed to use their phones for educational purposes. They can use them to take pictures for projects, do math problems, check a teacher’s blog, and take lecture notes. I’m sure if many schools did this, students would be much happier.

I think kids should at least be allowed to use cell phones in lunch, or when there’s an emergency. It can be annoying to try to text without getting caught. It would be so much easier if we could use cell phones in school. If you call your parents on your cell phone, they would have your number saved, so they would know it’s you. But if you call from a school phone, your parents won’t know who it is until they answer. And I’m pretty sure no parent has their child’s school on speed dial.

So, I think kids should at least be able to use cell phones in lunch or for emergencies. It might make life at school just a little easier.