Students’ Multi-task

Cell phones are cool, fun and a way to communicate with people. Most schools, however, do not allow students to access them during the day but why they can be distracting but we can multitask, and for that reason I think they should be allowed in school.

Grown ups can be a bit old and boring and they think that if we are on our phones we are not paying attention to them or being disrespectful or something. I think y mom said the same thing but I wasn’t really listening because I was texting my friend. Seriously I can see that sometimes I need to pay 100% attention to what the teacher is saying but other times I can listen and text and I see that they need to be on silent or vibrate otherwise wed never hear the teacher over all the ringtones. I also understand that if I am distracted by texting or using my mobile phone I might put myself in a dangerous situation like when i’m crossing the road and don’t see or hear a car coming towards me. Finally I accept that words can be damaging and cell phones allow thing to be spread much quicker and further than would have been possible 20 years ago so we have to be responsible for what we say or pass on to others because once it is written and seen I cant be erased.The last reason is also one of the major benefits of cell phones- it gives instant and universal communications.

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I can be in Florida and texting with my friends in England or Australia. If I’m out with my mom (who gets lost a lot, and I mean a lot) I can look up through my phone and the web directions to where we are going. All that information and power is right there in my hand. My cell phone also means that I am never alone. My mom, apart from getting lost a lot, also worries about where I am.

One time the school bus got delayed for about 20 minutes and I knew my mom would be having kittens because I hadn’t turned up at the drop but my cell phone meant I cud call her and explain or she cud text me and not spend all that time worrying (and she does that almost as well as she gets lost.) Also if I am approached by a stranger or am nervous in an area my cell phone means I can ring the police straightaway and get help.Kids today have to multi-task because there is always so much going on around us, we do all the usual stuff such as homework, eating, talking, and watching TV but we do it whilst listening to our iPods, texting, or playing our DS Game systems. We were born to multitask and understanding the right times to do that teaches us to be responsible.