Communication in business is vital for the success of any business entity. Most of the organizations have focused on corporate social responsibility as a way of enhancing their business image globally. Organizations that have succeeded have reported their endeavors in corporate social responsibility; Cemex USA is no exception. CEMEX is an organization based in United States, and its mandate is to distribute building materials across the globe. The products that the company specializes in include cement, concrete, pipe/precast, aggregates, fly ash, among others. As the company targets construction sites, marketing of its products has been channeled to construction workers. In the recent years, the company has received various accolades due to its performance in the construction sector. Though the company’s products and services are diversified, the company relies on positive communication to its customers in order to build a good rapport in the society.

One of the strategies in which the company understands the need for its consumers is through good public relation. Staff workers have etiquette, and the consumers feel satisfied when they transact with the company ensuring that they retain their customers. Indeed, profit-making organizations have the same strategic goal – profit maximization and cost minimization – therefore, maintaining existing customers is vital. The predicament that faces most of the unsuccessful business entities is that they tend to focus much on attracting new customers rather than keeping the existing ones. In addition, the customers are attracted to the quality of services and products that the staff provides. CEMEX successful foundation has ensured that the clients are satisfied with its operations.

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The quality of the product is measured by the fulfillment of the consumer’s expectations. The clients want products that are durable and can be used with minimal wastage. Corporate social responsibility has been the key to CEMEX success in the past decade. One of the social responsibilities it is environmental conservation across the globe. The strategy was devised by the company’s management in an attempt to foster communication between them and the clients on the effectiveness of having a conducive environment. Ideally, maintenance of unpolluted environment is vital, especially to the residents.

As the company is involved with excavation, such as concrete and building stones, it has developed strategic sites where the operation is to be undertaken. This is usually away from individual’s reach in the society. During the past decade, the U.S. government has recognized the efforts of CEMEX USA in conservation of environment. The management has articulated to the implementation of stringent measures to ensure that its employees do not negate their core objective.

Consequently, in communicating its business name, CEMEX USA has been involved in educating the society on the importance of managerial skills and good planning. This has been undertaken through seminars and workshops. In educating the participants on the effective leadership strategies and providing them with educational and travel opportunities, the company aims at developing independency in the participants way of thinking. This is to encourage its workers to work extra hard for the company to realize its strategic goals within a short span of time. When the workers attend the forum, they are able to acquire knowledge on the vital leadership skills that an individual should be subjected to in order to enhance reliability in handling the competitiveness in the society.

In addition, such forum has seen many individuals in USA striving to be associated with the company; either through the purchase of its products and services, or enlightening the society on the importance of the products. The initiative has boosted CEMEX USA revenue outlay and reduced costs, as there is a reduction in laying-off workers due to dissatisfaction.