Censoring Student Newspapers

In my honest opinion, this is not a good idea. Censoring student newspapers is just the same as taping someone’s mouth shut.

The student newspaper is one of the ONLY special activities that is controlled by kids made for kids. The student newspaper gives students the freedom to be independent and express their opinions and let them shout it out to the school. Censoring student ideas on the newspaper takes away from creativity and leaves the paper with nothing but statistics about the school. I’m pretty sure every student already knows the school statistics. Imagine having a wonderful newspaper running, with certain columns lead by kids that are able to relate with other kids. Shutting out columns like that, won’t help make the newspaper better.

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I honestly would only read the newspaper if it were run by kids, because we all can understand and come together with the problems every kid faces growing up. In other words, censoring what kids have to say isn’t fair and shouldn’t be done. This is the only chance kids can speak up, without causing any problems physically to anyone. Sharing an opinion would never hurt.