Honor Student

Honor students are kids who can work at a faster pace with more challenging work. Honors students are the kids that get bored when they aren’t being challenged or all of their skills aren’t being utilized.

Honor students work harder than most kids because they have legitimate goals for their future. Honors students are often the kids who will never break the rules for fear of hurting their reputation, Honors students are also some of the most opinionated kids. Honors students are determined. Honors students stand up for what they believe in. Honors students are willing to go the extra mile to succeed in this world. Honors students are no better than other students.

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Honors students grow up with high standards being forced upon them. Honors students are always working. Honors students sacrifice their time to do everything they think they need to do just so they can succeed. Honors students are some of the smartest people you will ever meet. Honors students are also some of the most tired and sad students you will ever meet. Honors students are just normal students in tougher classes.

Honors students just want to be known as students.