Changes in the Military over Time

Many changes have taken place in the military since their establishment in many places in the world. It is an independent organization and a wing of government institutions in many nations and kingdoms. We may say that it is an institution in itself.

From the medieval days to these modern days, we can see a completely changed institution. The changes are not either stopping, but as the world is highly dynamic in everything, this institution is also dynamic. Thesis statement The purpose of this essay is to highlight the major aspects that have been changing in the military over time. Its aim too is to see how these changes make the military more effective and beneficial to the society in general.Organizational changeHierarchical institutions that are closed characterize the army force. They are very hard to accept any change that is to alter this format.

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This could be because their leaders are drawn from older people who entered these units a number of years a go. They are therefore familiar with the very old systems only. Even though it looks like that, the custodians of the military have put in efforts to try to change their look. In the year, 2002 a campaign aimed at changing the way the military conducted their business was conducted in USA. This involved 13 000 personnel who were located in the four bases in the continental US (Chisholm, par 7). Strategy and tactics Goodman defines strategy as, “Broadly stated, strategy is the planning, coordination, and general direction of military operations to meet overall political and military objectives” (Goodman, par 1).

He writes on saying, “Tactics implement strategy by short-term decisions on the movement of troops and employment of weapons on the field of battle” (Goodman, par 1). Over time, this aspect has also change, widely being affected by technological advancement. The revolution of the weapons used has caused the change of these strategies and tactics.Military and economy As the war becomes tougher, military institutions keep investing in the best equipment of their time to keep at par with the changing complexity. The technology that is needed in form of artillery is very costly.

The spending has been rising of time. Many nations have biggest allocations of their budget to military. Apart from equipping, the money paid to personnel as salary is much, as they are supposed to have good compensation for their hard work. The table graph below shows the world’s spending from 1998 to 2008Why people are joining military todayEven though some people would want to criticize the military about the kind of the people who join, the fact remains that they take care for their troops very well. Some people say that those who did not succeed in studies are the ones who go to join the Forces (Mariscal, par 5). In addition, they pin point their arguments on those who are poor.

People are joining military for various reasons. The main is the introduction of benefits offered to the soldiers in the military. This has also been changing over time to improve the working conditions of the soldiers. These are some of the benefits among many; they have access to health care given by their various governments. This care also extends to their families.

They also have good disability compensation. This is when they suffer injuries during operations. Like in any other public service, they are also entitled to pension plans on retirement. They also go though education programs to improve on their academic levels. People get in and have access to education even if they had not succeeded previously. They also have an easier access to loans for setting up their homes.

Besides, those interested with business are given business loans. This is through a program under Business Administration. Similarly, they also have franchise opportunities. They also have counseling services and incase of any death, the institution caters for the burials and memorials (Veteran Benefits Explained, par 3). It is now clear that the changes that are taking place are out to make military more effective. They are also out to make sure that the soldiers would serve their nations well, loyally and with the whole of their hearts.