Is the US Military War Machine a Good Peacekeeper?

America is described as great and terrible for the use of its military (in war time and in other efforts). The military is used in efforts across the world, including relief efforts for natural disasters. The world views our military as powerful and imperialistic; but in actuality, it is part of what makes America a great place to live.

The military is used by the United States to defend America and our allies from any harm. The US has been in many wars during its time, and has used its military to obtain our goals as a country. According to John Stossel’s What Makes America Great, the military is one of the largest and most manned military forces. We have the most machinery and most technological power in the world up to this point. At one point in the past though, our military was weaker than most countries in the world. Even though our military was extremely small, extremely less compared to Germany or Japan in world war 2, we still used our military to aide other countries and help other people.

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We use our military today to invade countries to rid the country of its tyrannical rulers, but afterwards, we will move our forces out and reestablish that nation as its own country, except of adding it to our own. In Iraq, we invaded to destroy the rule of Saddam Hussein and to establish Iraq as a new free independent nation. We have been progressing in Iraq by attempting to rid the country of terror organizations, while also establishing new schools and water purification plants. We have been doing this to many countries, and have only failed once. Our twenty year campaign against Vietnam was a loss as a result of military strategy, funding, and approval. During this campaign, though, there were still many successes.

We had been trying to establish the southern portion of Vietnam as a free and democratic country from the communist ruled north. Even though the war was lost, we had been funding to improving the lives of the southern Vietnamese by building schools, and other buildings to improve the lives of these people. These examples of how the United States has helped improve the lives of other countries, by the use of the military, are a great description of how our country is great. The United States military is also used in relief efforts around the world. From tragedies of tsunamis, to massive earthquakes, American military is there to help give supplies and aide individuals. Earlier in this decade, a tsunami hit the Philippians and cause widespread damage to buildings, villages, and farms to the country.

This disaster could have caused major problems if the country economically if the US military had not stepped in and delivered food and supplies to the Philippean people. The large efforts American did helped the Filipinos country to survive this natural disaster and rebuild their lives. Last year, a mighty earth quake hit the country of Haiti, which devastated the government and the Haitian people. Within one week, the donations skyrocketed for the people of Haiti to help them survive this disaster and to continue to live. The military delivered food, clothing, and housing donations to this ruined country and helped the Haitian people survive, while the government was reestablished and money came to help them rebuild homes and buildings lost.

The American military is pivotal in the relief efforts of other countries during times of natural disaster. The military was criticized by being imperialistic, but we haven’t invaded and kept countries since in the early history of the United States. We help every country during a time of war to improve their lives. Also, the military is used to help people in their time of greatest need. These facts have helped prove that America is great, even though some people don’t believe so, through the use of its military in other countries.