Chevrolet Releases New Truck

Once again Chevrolet has released their all new 2017 duramax diesel pickup truck. It has a 6.

6L V8 engine turbo diesel. It was built for the tough jobs like towing heavy loads with ease.We have tried to improve this truck from our previous one so it tows anything and everything and to increase the tow load to the truck so it can tow more. Bill also said that this truck beats all the other trucks they have ever manufactured nothing compares to this on, and he explains why. “The new equipment Chevrolet has improved their truck they put in ram air intake system so more air reaches the engine so it get’s cool air this improves the cooling of the engine so it doesn’t overheat when driving when it’s hot.

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We have upgraded trailering technologies so it has very good control for driving. We also improved the box bed that is made out of steel so it’s lighter and more durable.” Bill also says that you’ll be amazed what this truck can tow and what a smooth ride you will have if you need to tow anything. The special features will amaze any person interested in this truck. Jim the mechanic said that “this 445 horsepower truck can handle any terrain any where.

Also with 910 lb ft of torque it can tow up to 23 300 lb.