My Chin

Helen Keller stated, “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood” (Keller). When I was five years old, I busted my chin open trying to jump out of an old truck in my grandparent’s junk yard. I felt like I was going to die, because I lost so much blood.

Much like Helen Keller overcame the obstacle of not being able to communicate, I had to overcome my obstacle of my chin being busted. Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of not being able to communicate, which caused many problems. When Helen was a baby, she got sick and became blind and deaf. The Keller family hired Annie Sullivan to teach Helen Keller. Annie was able to teach Helen trust, obedience, and language in order to overcome her obstacle.

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Like Helen Keller, I also had to overcome the pain from busting my chin open. I am an adventurous girl who always played in the junkyard. I went in the junkyard, and jumped off the back of an old truck because I never thought about anything ever happening to me. Afterwards, I really cut myself up real bad. I went to the hospital, and had to get stitches.

I overcome it by laughing about the accident ,and putting everyone else at ease. Although our obstacles were different, we share a few similarities. Helen and I share the ability ofbeing strong when it comes to facing our difficulties. Another similarity is how we both were able to get through the traumatic events in our lives. Helen’s story shows good things can happen even in theworst of situations. Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of communication, and I had to overcome the pain of my busted chin.

I was amazed on how Helen could overcome two obstacles and still live a great life. My obstacle taught me that I should listen to my grandparentbecause they did have my best interest. Helen Keller states that, “Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light” (Keller). Works Cited Keller, Helen. “Famous Quotes.

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