The environment that surrounds us is changing right in front of our eyes.

Did you ever wonder how much fossil fuel we burn that causes the environment negatively? Did you ever wonder how much fuel burns in a car and produces carbon dioxide and other deadly gasses? These problems are caused by humankind and it should be us to come up with the solutions to take care of them. Chevrolet and some other companies started to make electric and hybrid cars to help the environment and they also found alternative ways to produce energy so it reduced the burning of fossil fuel. Chevrolet was found on 3 November 1911, they made such exhilarating cars like corvette, mustang, and many others which destroyed the environment. No matter how beautiful they’re engine is and no matter how much fun it is to drive, they pollute our environment with carbon dioxide and other horrifying gasses. The Chevrolet picked up on the gossip about hybrid and electric cars that was floating around in the 1900’s.

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They finally started to build their first electric car called volt. In 2011, the first volt came out and it has a fully electric charged system. It’s runs on battery for 50 mph and then it would turn to gas but the gas is only used to maintain the battery to 20 percent. This car holds only 10 gallons of gasoline which is only used to maintain the car battery. It saves the environment because it gives of about 30% of gasses and only when it is maintaining the electricity battery.

This helps save the ozone layer by decreasing the amount of gasses that are released in the air by other cars. Ford has also made the hybrid fusion which also releases very less amount of gasses. These cars help the ozone layer by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide that is released in the air. The destruction of the Environment is also caused by burning Fossil Fuel because it also releases deadly gasses in the air and destroys ozone layer. The solution to this problem is found and it is known to be Alternative resources.

These alternative resources were solar panel and wind turbine. Solar panels were used as an alternative way to make energy without the use of fossil fuel. Solar panels are used to capture the light from the sun convert it in to energy. This energy is used to produce electricity and etc. this helped reduced the burning of fossil fuel by 50%.

Another alternative method was the wind turbine that reduced the burning of fossil fuel and it helps restore the environment in its natural order. The wind turbine has three propellers and as the speed of wind increases, the speed of the propellers increases. It uses the speed of the propellers to covert it in to electricity. This method helps the reduction of fossil fuel by 40% and is a great alternative source for electricity. Overall, humankind makes mistakes and don’t even realize. Mistakes like releasing deadly gases in the atmosphere that weakens our ozone layer through cars, trucks, and also burning of fossil fuel.

However, humankind is the one who found the solution like electric cars, wind turbine and solar panel. These solutions are having positive effects on the ozone layer because there less use of the polluter sources.