City Of Sunderland College by MCC International

Company: NoeticaCustomer: City Of Sunderland CollegeSubmitted by: MCC InternationalDate: October 1999″With the support of the latest software in the form of Synthesys, we can train our students in a tailored fashion, to give them experience of real life in a call centre. All the equipment in our call centre is to industry standard.

The whole call centre training area could go live at any time, if we so wish.” Pamela Hewitt – Call centre manager and course tutorCity of Sunderland College has installed Noetica’s Synthesys technology in its 54-seat call centre as the software platform on which to teach students necessary skills and give them real experience of call handling. The college is launching an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) this academic year in Processing Information using Telecommunications, underpinned by Synthesys.”The new NVQ course will teach inbound and outbound calling to students in addition to customer service and sales techniques. Students are taught in an actual call centre environment, supported by Synthesys, using realistic call flows in role-play. This is critical given the increasingly high skill levels being demanded of operatives in the call centre industry.

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“The software used in the call centre – Noetica’s Synthesys – presents a simple and easy-to-use formula for our students. Synthesys allows students to experience both outbound and inbound call situations. Additionally the Call flow Editor allows call centre staff to write bespoke call flows quickly themselves rather than having to wait for specialist IT support.”The CallFlow Editor is very important to us as it means we can present our students with a wide range of call scenarios. Other colleges running similar courses have bought scripts relating to a specific call centre. We, however, can relate our scripts to the type of work, that the students are most likely to experience when they have completed the qualification.

Specifically, we match our call flows to the type of call centres, which are based in this area, for instance, banking, telecoms and utilities.This means during an interview, when students are asked how they might handle a caller asking for information or registering a complaint in a given situation, he or she can answer with reference to an actual call flow they have used.””Our course is designed to give students, most of whom are unemployed when they come to City of Sunderland College to study, the skills and experience they need to find successful employment in the telemarketing industry. An independent report commissioned by Sunderland City Council and carried out by Deloitte and Touche, showed our training course is supplying the needs of the call centre industry, and should be able to continue meeting these demands in the future.””This is good news for our students, good news for the industry, and good news for the North East as a fast growing centre of telemarketing excellence.

With the support of the latest software in the form of Synthesys, we can train our students in a tailored fashion, to give them experience of real life in a call centre.”