Cliques in School

After four years of high school I have grown accustomed to how popularity, wealth, and materials make up cliques.

No one person makes the rule of who hangs out with whom. People who live similar lifestyles tend to have a connection with each other because they understand the way they live in a way most other people don’t. For instance, if a person who lives in a small apartment in a complex were to try to describe his lifestyle to a person who lives in a mansion on a lake. There is no way one of the people could truly imagine living in the other persons shoes. And because of this many people isolate themselves from people that are different from them.

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Fortunately, I have had a pretty unique high school experience. I stayed away from picking my friends based on factors like popularity, wealth, or material things. I never felt the need to try to join a clique by trying to fit in or impress people. Because of that I’ve made many friends that are similar to me and my lifestyle, but I’ve made even more friends that have different interests that I respect. Yet I like who they are and I enjoy having them as friends.I look around this high school and I see so many people who aren’t willing to open up and socialize with people who are a little different then the way you live.

I find it to be unfortunate because they are shielding themselves from many great people and great opportunities.A big reason the high school I attend is like this is because everybody has an appearance they try to give other people. They want to be respected. Not necessarily liked, just respected. And for the most part it works, a lot of people stay away from people they know is different than them.