Should there be school uniforms

Should there be School Uniforms When I think of uniforms I think of back in WWII where people in the military all look alike, just like in school. We are not a part of any military organization and we shouldn’t be force to wear uniforms just so we can look and think alike, but we don’t want to. We are here to learn not be forced to wear certain clothes. Also uniforms don’t help with better grades, don’t stop bullying, and don’t help with making friends. Scientists have spent years researching ‘if uniforms help with grades’ and after many years of it they have gotten results. Wearing uniforms does not help with grades because the average student that does wear uniforms gets around a B- while student without uniforms gat an average of B+.

Therefore uniforms don’t help with grades. Wearing uniforms don’t help with bullying. Bullies bully kids not for the clothes but might get a little jealous but bully for the physical features and religion just not clothes, and the bullies might like the clothes but don’t bully because of the clothes. Also wearing uniforms doesn’t help with making friends either. Friends care about how their friends feel and only care about clothes for a date for prom or something like that.

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If friends only cared about clothes it would lead to jealousy which would lead to bullying. I think there shouldn’t be uniforms at schools at all. Instead schools could still press for appropriate clothing.