Clothing Can Be a Distraction

16.5% of all the schools in the United States require students to wear uniform and 54% of enforce a strict dress code.(“How Many Schools Require Uniforms?” 2016)All students should follow the dress code of there school because If these rules are not followed and a student does get caught for wearing clothes that they are not suppose to be wearing during school hours it can cause a major distraction.To the kids and the teacher.

Lose in education time for the other students and teaching for the teachers. Following school dress code is very important for the benefit of students in school.There will be no distractions. Distraction. This distraction point is more towards females i’m not saying it’s only females who cause distractions but for my first reason females are to be blamed. Females are the distractionand males are who are being distracted.

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Your apparel can be a distraction to students and or teachers. “Yet another school has decided to make the assumption that males are completely unable to control their libidos even long enough to pay attention in class for about an hour at a time without their ravenous masculine urges taking over”. As you can see a student (female)was distracting another student just by her clothing. Another reason dress code can be a distraction in schools is because all the cool things and colors that appear on a student’s shirt can really catch another student’s attention.”Student clothing is distracting in many ways. The bright colors and designs can be distracting for some students.

” (“[No Title]” 2016a). The amazing things on some students clothing are an eye catcher to most students and or teachers which can cause students to stare and ask questions about he or shes shirt causing the student not to be on topic. Another reason student dress code is helpful is it keeps students from spending hours trying to get ready for school in the morning because they are worried about what other people think about what they have on. “Students often get caught up in worrying about what to wear each day. Over the years I’ve heard parents tell me repeatedly that it takes hours for their students to get ready for school in the morning, that the students are overly concerned with how they look – in particular, with how they will look compared to everyone else at school.

Having uniforms levels the playing field. It takes away the pressure to have expensive brand name outfits or the newest trendy piece of clothing.”(“[No Title]” 2016b) . As you can see most students worry about what others think and this quote does say “Having uniform levels the playing field” i don’t necessarily think that it levels everyone out because most schools just require any color polo shirt with black, blue, or khaki bottoms and any solid color jacket. Most students do decide to put there own style to their uniforms which makes them look nice but then again causes a distraction. I know some people may disagree with my point of view and say clothing is not a distraction.

But yes it can be to many people pay attention to what other people say.Or people may say students should be free to wear whatever they what. You can be free to wear what you want to an extent because not all clothing people choose to buy is appropriate for school.Another one could be because some people can’t afford to get new clothes(uniforms) especially if they already have a whole closet of regular outside clothes. If you can’t afford to buy uniform why go to a school where they require uniforms.

It’s all about your appearance Following school dress code is very important for the benefit of students in school.There will be no distractions.Students should understand that school is a place you need to be and you need to use all the time you can get and or you are given to learn something everyday. Work cited page “How Many Schools Require Uniforms?” 2016. Accessed January 8. “[No Title].” 2016a.

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