Should We Wear Uniforms At School?

Have you ever been annoyed with the school dress code? Well think about how annoyed you’d get with uniforms. Having to wear the same thing every day and not being able to express yourself through styles of clothing. I believe schools shouldn’t have uniforms because it does not do anything, like help them learn or become better socially. Most people say that uniforms take away the aspect where people are trying to look better than one person or the other.

I don’t think it helps that much. When multiple people are wearing the same thing you’re basically comparing one person to another. In magazines where two celebrities are being compared for wearing the same thing and the title says “Who Wears It Best?” Well that’s exactly what’s happening with uniforms. It happens more with girls but it makes competing for being better looking more intense. In the year 1782 the constitution was written, and in the 1st amendment it states that we have freedom of speech.

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Clothing is part of that freedom because it expresses who you are, and wearing uniforms takes that away. We should be able to wear what we want and show people who we are, because clothes says a lot about on person. It can show how a person might be feeling or it can show if they’re lazy or like to go all out in their clothes. The clothing aspect in a kid’s life is very important. Another thing that all kids have, are parents.

Most parents look at what their kid(s) are wearing before they go to school, and if it’s something inapropriot they won’t let them leave without wearing something that is. Also, stores don’t only have bad clothing. It is very easy to go to the store and find something nice and simple with nothing bad. With stores that have good clothing, and parents to stop their kids, why have uniforms? Before school even begins they have people to stop them from wearing bad clothing. Uniforms have no real need so why have them? They don’t help students in learning, and can be a distraction on who wears it the best. Schools shouldn’t have uniforms, they should just stick with the dress code that block things like gang related symbols.

There is no immediate need for uniforms in school.