Should kids have to wear uniforms?

When kids think about school uniforms, they cringe at the thought of dull plain outfits. But they aren’t thinking about the many benefits school uniforms have. There are a variety of reasons why kids should have to wear uniforms; the healthier learning environment, the uniforms are not as expensive as regular clothes, and kids’ emotional life (no name calling, pick on). School uniforms positively affect kids’ learning environment.

School uniforms help make a safer school because it prevent gang members from wearing gang colors at school, such as blue for East and red for West. The kids have to recognize each other by their faces and names instead of big gang jackets, shirts, bandanas ect… Kids who wear uniforms are more instilled with discipline would also be a big factor of kids learning environment, having the discipline to pay attention in class, and do homework every night.

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The use of uniforms also would decrease the violence and theft. It would also be a safer environment because the school authorities could recognize students belonging to their school. It would also be easier on school authorities since they wouldn’t have to police everything that the kids wear. It’s also a relief on parents because they suppress peer pressure to be somebody that their kids don’t want to be or wear clothes their not comfortable wearing. Parents would also be assured that their kids are focusing on their school work because they don’t have to worry about what people think about them.

Although uniforms can be expensive, it’s what kids wear most of the week. Everybody figures the cost of uniforms is a huge downside but it’s really not. Kids need very little outside of school clothing because they wear their uniforms most of the week. Uniforms are starting to become a lot cuter and more fashionable so kids wont have to recoil at the thought of plain dull outfits. “Some schools offer a ‘swap shop’ (option) parents can exchange ‘gently used’ uniforms with other parents for size and fit” Participating in the “swap shop” can save parents hundreds of dollars each year. Even without the option of a swap shop the cost difference of uniforms to a regular wardrobe of a growing kid can be several hundred dollars or more.

Uniforms have a positive influence on kids’ emotional life as well. There’s less drama for the kids to worry about since nobody would pick on anybody’s clothes. All the kids would be wearing the same outfits. Also, there would be less chance of kids dropping out because of being picked on or made fun of. A kid being picked on at school can lead them to not wanting to go, so they start ditching. Ditching can lead to suspension which could lead to dropping out and less education.

Also if kids are being made fun of for the amount of clothes they have or what their clothes look like, kids might be spending too much time trying to look better. So they could stop focusing on school work and have their grades start to drop. “Dr. Alan Hilfer, senior psychologist in Children’s Adolescent Unit at Maomoids Medical Center in Brooklyn says, Uniforms do eliminate competition, pressure and assaults perpetrated by older kids on younger kids for their sneakers and their other possessions. They also allow some kids to focus, especially in the lower grades.

(In 2007-2009 21 states required public school to wear uniforms). The healthier learning environment, kids emotion (no name calling, picking on) and most of the weeks clothes are there for you. These are few of the many reasons kids should need to be wearing uniforms. School Uniforms have very few downsides but kids don’t realize the very many positive affects there are. School Uniforms are getting cuter and more fashionable so kids won’t have to recoil at the thought of Uniforms.