should students wear uniforms?

Should Students Wear Uniforms? Students should not wear school uniforms. Here are reasons why they should or should not wear uniforms. Students should not wear uniforms because, they should show who they are. For example, they could wear rings, bracelets, necklaces to show that they love jewelry.

They want to show self-expression. When growing up they need to develop personalities and confidence. Most students don’t like wearing the same thing. Some worry that students might try to stand out, like piercing or getting tattoos just to seem different. They want to impress themselves and others. Some students get bullied because of what they are wearing .

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But it’s harder to bully someone when you’re wearing the same thing. People treat others bad like pushing or name calling. My opinion is that we should be able to wear what we want. If we get bullied because of what we’re wearing then we could tell them to stop, or tell an adult. I asked two students for their opinion.

Here is the first person’s opinion. One student said “I don’t like wearing uniforms, so I write and draw on myself to stand out and not look the same.” The second student said” we should not because it’s going to be the same routine every day and the uniforms are boring and it’s uncomfortable”. I believe that students should not have uniforms but guidelines of what we should not wear.