The Importance of School Uniforms

There are schools all over the world, and many of these schools face the same problems as other schools. One public issue revolving around schools are the concerns on the dress code. Public schools have a choice to let students dress as they want or they can be provided with school uniforms. As of 2009, 21 states encounter the rule of having to wear school wearing uniforms. There are many pros and cons to wearing school uniforms, but so far many issues have been solved! I personally love being myself and dressing the way I want, but I think that it can benefit many students from the Medias persuasion, bullying, and identity! Reality television has become a hit sensation to many young people, parents do not always think that this is what children should be watching, but however they allow them to do so.

Young adults in high school have become addicted to reality television shows and celebrity magazines. People look up to celebrities because of their looks and the way that they act, therefore kids will want to act like them and dress like them. Many movies and television shows, show girls and boys that it is okay to wear inappropriate clothing. Most of the time these outfits are not always appropriate and should not be acceptable in school. Mainly girls, should show respect for themselves and their bodies and wear appropriate clothing to school. Another issue that can be solved by wearing school uniforms it that some kids in school don’t have enough money to by nice clothing and many kids choose to make fun of them.

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Children do not have power of what their parents and families provide for them, so to make fun of someone for the way they look is a very cruel thing to do. Everyone has their own personality and they have the ability to act as they choose. In some cases many kids will be made fun of what they look like and for their “weird” clothing. When bullying gets so horrific it usually leads to violence! Actions always speak louder than words and sometimes beating someone up is their way of telling them to stop picking on them. Many schools that have adapted to uniforms have seen the violence go down.

Which I think is a very important concept, because kids don’t want to go to a school where they can’t be safe. With having so much technology and power over society, many sick and cruel people like to take over and do harm to communities and precious lives. Having school uniforms comes along with being protected. If students wear the school clothing then it would be easier to see their identity. If there was ever a person who came into the building unidentified then that could show harm to the students, faculty and staff of that school.

Being safe at school is defiantly a main priority that needs to be addressed to all people, because if someone sees anything that looks sketchy, then that could be a warning sign to the school. The are some things that people dislike about wearing school uniforms. An example would be how wearing you’re own clothing is a way of expressing yourself. Some people show their creativity through their clothing and they like to be recognized. Overall I believe that students should have to wear school uniforms, and that they would benefit greatly from wearing them. Although many children do not want to wear them it is better for their safety, and I am sure all students would benefit in the end.

Being safe and wearing plain clothing is deffinatlly a lot better than being bright and dead. The Medias persuasion, bullying, and identity are all important qualities of why there should become a law for all public and private schools to have school uniforms.