Co-Educational Schools Are Better Than Single-Sex Schools

A little under a year ago I departed from my elementary and middle school friends, we were all stepping into a new shoe. Most of my friends chose to follow up into St. Gertrude’s and Benedictine, while I chose to follow my father and sisters and go to Trinity.

Between these schools there are huge sports rivalries and a bunch of commotion as to which school gives a better education and prepares their students for a better future. Through experience and research, I have found that co-ed schools are more fitting for your child. Both types of schools have their own social benefits along with their negatives. However, it is evidently of more social benefits to attend a co-education school then to attend a single sex school. Firstly, co-ed schools provide an environment for students to develop the interpersonal skills needed when they join in the labor force.

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It allows them to understand how men and women interact with each other. A national survey that was taken 2005-2006 displays that 79% of Canadian parents with children in co-ed schools see eye to eye that these schools better reflect the diversity of our society. These parents also believe that co-ed better prepares their children to enter the workforce ( Secondly, it’s certain that boys and girls think in different ways and tend to disagree with each other.

Being at a school with two different opinions on many things exposes kids to more in life. Schools serve best when they teach every student as an individual; teaching students by groups of boys and girls is inacceptable. According to, students attending co-ed schools are much more likely to discuss ideas from their homework with opposite-sex friends. This interaction results in exposure to a greater diversity of views and opinions as they share ideas with classmates of both sexes. It has been argued that students would receive better grade results in single-sex classes among people that have similar learning styles.

With that being true, the focus still needs to be on the overall development of a student. When they are out of college and have a job, it’s not going to be separated by gender. It is crucial for a student to be able to communicate comfortably with the opposite sex. Another advantage of going to a co-ed school is the variety of choices each student has. Subjects offered at a co-ed school are much broader, while girls have the choice of more male-dominant subjects and vice-versa for the boys.

Girls and boys also tend to feel competition between one another. In today’s society, everything is a competition. When girls are together it’s a constant battle of who has better clothes, hair, or who has the most friends. Once boys come into play, girls are less catty and turns into a competition to who can be the nicest. Having the opposite sex in your classroom will help you strive for a higher standard academically and for your self-image. In the real word, men and women work together.

Co Educational schools are the source to prepare you for that.