Single-Sex Schools: A Good New Change in our Nation

Schools everywhere seem to fall apart from drugs, sex, alcohol, gangs and much more. Each day kids get put down for what they believe in, or what they want in their life.

Common teenagers have to deal with peer pressure, social credits, and learning disabilities. Is there something that we need to change? Yes! Schools need to be segregated by their sex. Single-Sex Schools have more advantages with these problems than any other Co-Educational School around the nation. Having Single-Sex Schools will enhance our nation’s future generations. Many schools have changed their school system to be Same-Sex for the benefit for their school. Examples like: Woodward Avenue Elementary from Deland, Florida, Foley Intermediate from Foley Alabama and Jefferson Middle School from Springfield, Illinois and many more are included.

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They all have a step towards new education and have proved too many officials that Single-Sex Schools make a difference according to National Association for Single-Sex Public Education. Everywhere people do many studies of schools across the country; they have looked into this subject for years! Stetson University in Florida did a three year project comparing Single-Sex Schools and Co-Educational Schools. They assigned either Single-Sex or Co-Educational rearrangement to each fourth grader at Woodward Avenue Elementary and studied them. The students then did the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test), the results were astonishing Boys in the Co-educational Class had 37% proficient in the class. Boys in Single-Sex Classes had 75% proficient in the class. Girls in Co-Educational Classes had 59% proficient in the class.

Girls in Single-Sex Classes had 89% proficient in the class. Both girls and boys had an outstanding amount of growth in Single-Sex classes. Girls and Boys are both made differently and have their own learning pace and learning issues. Dr. Leonard Sax has a MD.

PhD, and wrote a book called “Why Gender Matters”, about how girls have different feelings and learning expectations. For example: boys (from Dr. Sax’s book) have less hearing comprehension than girls do. So when you speak to young boys you need to speak with a louder tone. And with girls, they have a more developed ear so if you spoke to them with a louder tone you could hurt their feelings because they think you’re mad at them.

That is why we need Single-Sex Schools! We need the men to teach the boys and the women to teach the girls. Both genders know how to handle children of the same sex. Some might say, “In all boy schools, boys learn to be more sexist!!”, maybe, but girls and boys get to overcome stereotypes like “Science is only for boys”, and “Art is only for girls”. Both schools have the opportunity to be educated on the different variety of careers. To make another point, some boys and girls feel inferior to each others.

Maybe a girl feel inferior in gym, or a boy feels inferior to girls when they get all the intension in class. In a Single-Sex environment they don’t have to be inferior to the opposite sex, but feel the same with their own sex. A college freshman study in 2005, was conducted for the Goodman Research Group of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The study questioned 1,000 Single-Sex high school graduates in their freshman year of college. In the survey, the student needed to reflect on their school experience, and sum up their readiness on becoming a college student.

The results were: “95% of recent girl’s school graduates said they were either very or extremely satisfied with their schools’ strong academic curriculum. 93% said they were very or extremely satisfied with how their schools prepared them for college… 99% felt more or equally prepared to interact with faculty compared with their peers who attended co-ed schools.” Quoted from an article by Linda J. Sax. She has a PhD in Higher Education and is Associate Director for the Higher Education Research Institute. Not only do we want students to feel like they have learned in Single-Sex Schools but to feel like they belong in their environment.

When a group of girls are together they share ideas and work together. A girl feels like they get called on more in class when they are in a Single-Sex school. Quoted by Dr. Rosemary, “Drawing from the research, one of the key arguments supporting single–sex programs is that they create an institutional and classroom climate in which female students can express themselves freely and frequently, and develop higher order thinking skills.” At Evanston Middle School, they segregated sex in P.E.

It helped the girls not humiliate themselves in front of someone they liked and eliminated how they felt inferior to the boy’s physical abilities that some girls couldn’t accomplish. We knew they did this because boys have a different body build than girls, which is good. But what if the school board segregated sex in science? Would the teachers have to change their teaching methods to teach boys or girls? I would like to change that with our school to prove why segregating sex isn’t so bad. The information provided was basically the minimum amount of what I found out about Single-Sex Schooling being so important. We need to have Single-Sex education to fix the poor scores of kid’s average grades and put them up sky high! Single-Sex schools can help improve our nation’s generations to come.