Coach John

Coach John John Maichle has been my coach for five years for travel softball, and now he is my coach for DMA softball.

He is a phenomenal coach to have; he is young and hip, and he knows what to do and when to do it. Though he may have his flaws, like every other coach, Coach John never gives up, and he inspires me to improve my skill-level each time I step foot on the field. I wouldn’t be the athlete, the student, and the person I am without him in my life on and off the field. Coach John motivates me to no end; this is one of my favorite aspects of him. He helps me pick my head up when I make a mistake, and he gives me a pep talk which cheers me up.

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He gets me through the game with his sense of humor and his funny comments. Coach John encourages me to be the best athlete I can be by practicing and getting better at my weaknesses. He won’t let me quit until I have overcome the problem I may have been facing that day. Coach John knows what he is talking about when he talks about softball. He answers all of my questions and explains the answers in great detail.

He is also proactive with the team. He doesn’t sit on his bucket and just coach. He plays games with us, and he sets objectives for us to achieve. There is never a dull moment when Coach John is on the field. He is always up for a challenge, and he does what’s best for the team. He pushes us to act not only like mature individuals but also to work together as a team.

He never gives up on any athlete even if they are the worst player in the world. He will do his best to accomplish his set goal. He gives kudos a lot to everyone and gets excited about the game. Coach John is one of the most motivating, knowledgeable, and inspiring coaches I know, and I am glad he has been my coach over the years. Any athlete who is lucky enough to be coached by him should listen because he has an outstanding consciousness of the game.

He will always be my favorite coach who has helped me through so much. He is the best coach I have ever had! He is my nomination foe educator of the year.