Coaching Has Gone Too Far

Coaching Has Gone Too Far In 2013, Mike Rice, head coach of Rutgers University basketball team, was fired due to his abusive behavior toward his athletes. Coaches all over the country have become abusive toward their athletes.

Their should be stricter rules on how coaches treat their athletes. Throughout history there has been many instances where coaches have gone too far while coaching. This type of abusive used to not be taken seriously, but now more attention has been put onto it. NCAA is treating the increase of harsh coaching as if it was a crime wave. Most people see abuse in college and extracurricular sport coaches, butthat is not the case. “It’s far more common than you think, especially in the youth and AAU ranks.

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” Not all coaches are abusive coaches, some have been known for how well they treat athletes. 2 coaches have been shown and praised on television for motivating and their non abusive tactics to push their athletes. Coaches are overtraining their athletes. In late January of 2014, 13 athletes were hospitalized due to physical exertion. This hospitalization was due to their coaches making them train beyond their personal limit.

Coaches should not be able to push the athlete to the point where they have to go to the hospital.Scott Docterman said, “There is a careful lime between guiding an athlete aptoward success and pushing them too far.” Coaches have taken the liberty to push athletes beyond belief. Coached are also taking extreme measures to make sure that they win so they can keep their power and money. Coaches are also becoming too involved in athletes lives.

Athletes grow up with a coach as their main figure-head besides their parents, causing coaches to totally influence the lives of the athletes. They have a greater impact due to the fact that they spend most of the child/athletes free time together. The athletes then becomes bonded to whomever becomes their next coach and tries to be their star athlete. Almost everyone nowadays knows that an athlete should never be alone with a coach. Due to the rise in sexual assault allegations. Even though athletes grow up and know what is right and what is wrong one thing that cannot change is what their coach tells them because in an athletes eye their coach is almost always right.

Coaches not only control part of the athletes social lives they also take over our education.Coaches cause athletes to believe that the sport is more important than acedemics. In 2001 acedemics to a hard hit, and went down hard due to coaches over looking an athletes need to do school work. Sports have become more of a priority to schools due to their high rate of money that comes with it. Some schools even allow more theme for sports than actually school. Many student athletes are not pursuing acedemics as much as some non-athletes.

In Clarence, New York their girls varsity swim team starts practice some mornings at 6am, they don’t start classes their until around 8:45am, those girls wake up got to practice then go to school for 8 hours just to get back in the pool later that day or the next day. Coaching this strictly is not only causing acedemics issues but also social issues. Coaches cause a lack of confidence in athletes. An athlete can begin to second guess how good they are or if they are even worthy to play if they are not praised enough. Some coaches have even gone farther than just not praising athletes.

Mike Rice a coach for the Rutgers men’s basketball team was fired for his unethical behavior toward his athletes. Rice was caught on camera throwing basketballs, cursing, and making gay and racial comments to his athletes. That is just one example of how far some coaches have taken things, most coaches do not take this action against their athletes but do in some way cause them to feel as if they are not good enough. Athletes have become afraid to make a mistake so they are always worried, and always frustrated at themselves trying to stop the coach from getting angry and causing that athlete even more stress. Coaches have a lot of pressure on them due too the fact that if they lose they could lose their reputation, their job (aka the money source for most), and their lifestyle.

Coaches believe that they can do what they want because they are adults, but the rules are now changing for them. Coaches want to help the athlete which is why they start the job but underneath it all it’s mostly about the money and how popular you get.In life most of us will come across a coach, or even a boss that treats us like we are nothing, but that doesn’t mean you should quit or cry, but they also do not have that right to tear you down like that. Coaching is now not only a thing to do because you live it but also for the money, but the rules are changing causing stricter regulations on practice times and coaching methods. As young adults we need to all take a stand and fight for our right to have coaches who do not have complete control of us.