Coca-Cola Company's Contributions to the World and Success in Ads

The Coca-Cola Company is considered among the most successful companies due to their strong ads and marketing. They have always relied on their advertisements. Coca-Cola has more to it than just going for huge successful products. Their strategy has been focused on spreading its business into overseas marketing.

And it was one of the first American companies to derive a large portion of its business from international sales (“Coca-Cola’s Secret Ingredient” par 5). Coca-Cola has been involved with charity for various reasons. One of them being, Coca-Cola Company helps the orphans/children and flood victims through the money they get from advertisements. One of the contributions by The Coca-Cola Company is their impact on the charity Iftar banquets, in which The Coca-Cola Co., hosts various Iftar banquets for children and orphans in different camps in the Islamic countries during the holy month of Ramadan in collaboration with Al-Fawanees Charitable Foundation (“Coca-Cola Bottling Company” par 1). This shows Coca-Cola has impacted even the Islamic countries by hosting a religious fast.

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Coca-Cola doubles their flood relief pledge to $1 million (“Coca-Cola doubles aid” par 1) for families who had been badly affected by devastating floods in the country. Families without homes are aided by Coca-Cola. The Coca Cola Company and The Coca Cola African Foundation announced that $6 million will be dedicated to water and sanitation partnerships aimed at improving the lives of 250,000 women and girls on the African continent (“Coca-Cola to Dedicate” par 1). The Coca-Cola Company is able to positively impact communities in need through health, safety, education, and income-generating activities for women (par 4).

The Coca-Cola Company is one of longest sponsor of FIFA World Cup™ since 1950 ( par 1) Coca-Cola Co. will host special football camps during the FIFA World Cup™ tournaments that will encourage teenagers/ young people to continue to be active through sports (par 14). The camp will include training, skill demonstrations, celebrity coaches, and a tournament (par 14). The Coca-Cola Co.

is proud to be the longest corporate partner of the Olympic Games. Coca-Cola Great Britain produced a limited-edition bottle featuring the Rankin (“London 2012” par 3). The picture symbolizes the handover of the Summer Games from Beijing to London with a simple white rose between two hands. Works Cited “Coca-Cola Advertising Through the Years.” 1stwebdesigner. Web.

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