College Success Essays

Diversity is important because it helps improve places. If people were all from the same place and didn’t bring different backgrounds and experience no one would know anything different. Diversity is a great thing to have in any place.

Having experience on a topic is great to have. Some people that we will meet in a lifetime might not have the same experiences that someone else has and can teach what they have learned. When I was working in the ice cream shop there was different people working with me with different experience working. Each one of my co-workers has taught me different things. Whether it was from making a certain type of ice cream to how to make change in cash.

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What I would bring to the college is what I have learned and what I would be able to share with other people. In math courses I can show people how to do a problem. In science courses I can help with a lab experiment. In English I can help with writing, and picking out great books for people to read. If there wasn’t diversity I wouldn’t be able to know some of the things I do know.

I would also not read the books I read, because everyone would have already read the book and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. We also wouldn’t have theater. Theater brings out the best in people. When some people get onto the stage they are able to do whatever they want. They aren’t afraid to be different.

If they were afraid to be different they wouldn’t do theater. Diversity also helps with people being able to study abroad. People are able to come from different countries to go to college anywhere. Being able to do that brings different backgrounds. Everyone that comes into the country brings their experiences and tells them to us. They teach us about their culture and the way they live.

Having diversity in a college is a great thing to have. Having diversity teaches people about new things and gives people new experiences.