College Exams

College exams have the potential to be some of the hardest or the easiest exams that can be taken.

For kids entering college, they grew up with books such as How to Survive Just About Anything and television shows like Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. They were great resources on how to survive everyday life and make it through middle school. Unfortunately, they do not apply to college life and fail to prepare students for college examinations. To pass your exams and be successful, you must sleep, study, and be prepared on the day of the exam. So, you want to pass your exams. Here is a perfect guide to prepare you for passing exams with an exceptional grade.

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First off, get some shut-eye. No, not the recommended eight hours a night; try something more like two or three hours. If you wake up early, all that extra time in the morning while still half-asleep can be used for a last minute cramming period. However, you could get more sleep and just completely miss early morning exams. Problem solved no need to study for hours and hours. Speaking of studying, do not do it, ever.

Do you remember that “photographic memory” you thought you had in high school? Always use that and hope that you can recall the right material for the exam. That “photographic memory” will be exceptionally useful if you sleep until five minutes before the exam. If you do take the exam, do not be prepared for it. All of your classmates love being interrupted from their exams to be asked if they have a spare pencil. For math and science, never bring a calculator to class that day. Your professors will undoubtedly love you for interrupting the entire class while you try to get what you need.

To pass your exams, follow that guide and you will pass with flying colors and be a top student. On second thought, do not follow any of that. You will only end up tired from lack of sleep. You will not know the answers to any of the questions. If you do not have what you need and cause a scene, you may not be allowed to take the exam that day.

Your professors will not love you if you interrupt their class. They will probably start to hate you. To actually pass your exams, or at least get a decent grade, here is an actual guide. Here is a guide for passing your exams and earning a decent grade. First, actually get some sleep the night before. Plan accordingly so you can still get up and make it on time.

If 10 hours of sleep is perfect for you, plan to go to sleep earlier than usual. If less sleep works better, go to bed slightly earlier than usual just in case your body is more tired than you realize. Second, do not cram-study right before the exam. Cramming will not help and the information only ends up in super short-term memory that might not even last until the exam. Take the time to study for a few days before and let the information be absorbed by the brain. When the brain has a chance to sort the information there is a better chance of the right answer being recalled during the exam.

Third, always be prepared for the exam. Make sure you have what you need before you leave your room. Make sure you have an extra pencil just in case one breaks or runs out of lead. Be sure to bring a calculator to math and science exams. It is a great tool and the exam will be a great struggle if one is not available. Following this guide will help you achieve better marks and excel at your examinations.

With the right application, every exam can be passed. The application is individual and has to be based on each person’s abilities. Good grades are not based on the day of the exam, but rather on the days before the exam. If sleep patterns are not healthy, chances are exam grades will not be. If no studying has taken place, odds are that the exam grade will reflect that.

A lack of preparation helps no one. It will only lead to a potential decrease in the grades of other students. With the right preparation, every college exam can be the easiest exam ever taken.