College Expenses

College expenses are too high, college expenses must be lowered. Did you know that you have to worry about paying financial aid, and fees? Colleges expense has been rising faster than what they thought it was.

“Since 1982 a typical family income increased by 147%, more than inflation.” (forbes). They say that too many people come to college unprepared, but if you lower cost maybe they will, maybe they come unprepared because they can’t afford it after paying tuition, book fees, financial aid, and gas money if you live off campus. Colleges need to stop raising the cost every year. In a few years the numbers of people not going to college is going to rise because it’s going to be too high.

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It will allow others to obtain higher paying jobs. A student that doesn’t go to college will either end on the street or end up in jail. Seventy five percent of America says college is to expenses. “This year, according to the College Board, average published in-state tuition and fee plus room/board charges exceed $17,000 at four-year public institutions, a 6% increase from only one year earlier.” (forbes).

Colleges need to lower prices because it will give more students opportunities to attend. ‘In 2005 study it found that 90% of people who attend college will have grants and loans.’ (forbes). That mean they are having a tough time. “A student that doesn’t graduate from high school earns an average of $23,452.

” (forbes).”The average US wage is $41,444 per year.” If you want everybody average to be the US average wage then lower the college prices.” (forbes) I think if colleges lowered their price numbers, the number of students not going to college will go down. Students that read a lot should make it to college.

I think if students keep their heads in the books and not in gangs, and girls they could do whatever they want. Colleges need to help out with prices people can’t afford all that money. I think if colleges lower their prices more amount of students.