Why Does College Cost So Much?

Why Does College Cost So Much? As most graduating seniors know, college costs more than they could ever imagine. Not only do college students have to pay for tuition, they also have to pay for their place of living, their food, books, and entertainment. With all of these expenses present, many students feel overwhelmed, and drop out of college because they do not have enough funds. Getting a job in college is tough as well, because most students have classes all day, and then hours of studying at night. That leaves them hardly any time to get a job.

Thus, the question still remains, why does college cost so much? Average tuition for modern day universities is between ten and twenty thousand dollars a year, including room and board. When a student goes to school for a four year degree, that totals up to almost eighty thousand dollars. These students are then forced to take out college loans, which they will be paying off for the next beginning years of their young adult life. When starting out as a young adult, they need as much money as they can get. For things such as: their new home, finding a new job, and getting settled down.

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These are hard to do when you already have plenty of loans to pay off. Graduating seniors can apply for many scholarships that can help them get money for their college education, but there are requirements for these scholarships. Most require a certain GPA to even be eligible for the scholarship. Smarter students usually have enough money from their parents to pay for their college. Other students who can not get any scholarships have to settle for a community college that costs less, but still a lot of money. Because of that, these not as fortunate students cannot get where they want to in life.

College costs so much because they are greedy and only want the money. If college wasn’t as expensive, many students would be able to attend college, and have the opportunity to get a high paying job and live the American dream.