College Tuition Can Also Be Reduced

To start there are many families with more than one child in their family, which means less money to go around. Parents cannot pay for college for all of their children; some struggle to bring money into their homes just to feed their families, let alone pay for higher education.

We ponder on why so many young people sell drugs for a living, yet many people don’t have a future of obtaining a quality job that pays the bills and fulfills them. No college means it’s harder to find a competitive job. I strongly believe that there should be free college tuition; it would bring about a major change in our economy for the better also society and bring hope for millions of students in America.With this in mind, college tuition can also be reduced to a reasonable fee if not free because you spend most of your life compensating loans that you are barely able to finish paying up. Also by making it free they can make a requirement to get into college like you being intelligent enough to enter that way they’d work harder, stay focus and have to keep their grades up in order to stay in college because some students waste their parent’s money or just don’t take it seriously.Last but not least, having free college tuition would lead to the students not having to be concerned about having a job in order to pay the college tuition, which means less stress and more focus on their school work and also gives them more time off to do their work instead of having to go to work every day because students go to college to get an education not pay bills.On the whole, college tuition should be free because it would help the students long-term wise as far as to keep them off the streets, help them stay focus on their work instead of their jobs and work harder.

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