problem/solution: college expense

We live in a state where many teens are patiently waiting until it’s their turn to walk across the stage, diploma in hand, to graduation. As teens we have big dreams, goals, and aspirations we wish to fulfill in our lives. Unfortunately, for some these dreams of bright lights and motivating carriers will be diminished by the vast reality of college expense. This is a real world problem in the society we live in today.

Although the cost of College might not seem like that much of a hassle right now, you might find yourself scrambling to pay first year tuition for college later on down the road. For the working class, it is a huge expense, especially if you have more than one child to put through college. As parents you want nothing but the best for your kids, for them to go to the best college and have the best education. According to the New York Times, the tuition cost of Harvard is fifty-two thousand dollars a year including room and board. The annual estimated cost of tuition, room and board for college jumped by 84% at four year public institutions between 2000 and 2010 to $15,918, and private schools skyrocketing to an astronomical $32,617.

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Reuters US journal, states that families are relying on federal and private student loans to fund college costs, according to the study, which polled 1,600 households in August 2012. Not being able to send your child to college will result in a domino effect in the long run. By not being able to go to college, you will at most be able to sustain a minimum wage job, working long, hard hours day after day. Having a minimum wage job also affects you being able to provide for yourself and your family. Working a minimum wage job has more than one consequence, you will not be provided with benefits, which will prevent you from obtaining efficient healthcare for you or your children.

Children whose parents don’t attend college are at a 44% higher risk of not attending college. The question is, how do we come up with a solution to this problem? An article in Forbes Magazine states that a new national study has found that the more money parents pay for their kids’ college educations the worse their performance is in school. Most colleges offer financial aid, where you will get loaned money to go to college, and pay it back when you get out at a reduced rate. Scholarships are also an option for those who do well in high school. There are many different types of scholarships like athletic and academic. Someone can get an athletic scholarship by excelling at a sport you participate in.

You can receive an academic scholarship by having a high GPA. Scholarships come in partial and full amounts, depending on your success in high school. By talking to your kids at the beginning of their high school carrier you may open their eyes to the importance of exceeding. Starting off at a community college will also save you money on tuition if you go for the first year. After going to a community college for the first year or two you will have saved a ton on tuition, so you can transfer to a university, and won’t have to come out of pocket as much.

Did you know that if your parent or parents are professors at a college you will get a discount? The Huffington post published an article stating that a website called “wackyscholarships” will grant you scholarships for unusual things, such as being left handed, or having red hair! The Atlantic Journal says that if you go to college in state rather than going out of state you will save an average of $15,327 a year! In conclusion there are many Ways College can be paid for, you just have to search. By going to school and getting good grades you will boost your chances of not only getting into college, but getting into a top rated for year school. That sounds like a much better future than not going to college at all!