Free College Tuition

All throughout the world, many teenagers worry about graduating high school and furthering their education through college. They worry not only about being accepted to a college, but how they are going to find the funds to pay for it. Many students have the grades to be accepted into the more expensive schools that provide better educations, but unfortunately the high tuition costs prevent them from attending the schools of their choice. Students who opt to receive loans for college often end up having to repay a huge debt to the bank at the end of their four years in college and now have to try and support themselves with huge financial burdens hanging over their heads.

More teenagers would be able to go to college and receive a better education if college tuition was free. In many countries college tuition is free. This eliminates the financial burdens that teenagers are force to carry while attending college. College students have enough stress while attending college because of difficult classes and social problems they face. They do not need another burden to put stress on them in college. Some states already in the United States provide free tuition for students going to state colleges.

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According to Jeff Thacker’s article, “Education Free for All”, rising college tuitions costs are putting college out of reach for some students. Some students are even taking loans out that leave them with “unmanageable levels of debt”. Even if students can take out loans, they end up with debts that burden them for the rest of their lives. Many jobs in today’s society require at least a four year degree in college. According to “Advantages of Going to College” by H.

Long, the students who choose not to go to college due to the high tuition fees will most likely struggle throughout their whole life. A stronger financial future is what is in store for graduates of college. “The average high school student earns around $30,000 a year, while college graduates with an associate’s degree earn around $40,000 a year. Students with a bachelor degree enter the workforce with starting salaries that start at $60,000” (H. Long). Besides salary advantages, college also provides other advantages such as, self reliance, increased independence, community building skills, self-starting and social networking.

More teenagers would be able to attend to college and receive better educations if college tuitions were free. Teenagers all throughout the world are unfairly suffering from the high tuition fees and giving up their educations because of their family’s financial situations. Going to college helps a person have a bigger job selection and earn a higher salary. Some states and countries are providing free education for students. This help the students who normally would have not been able to go to college because of financial reasons, have a better future and education.

Free college education would help the world become a better place to live and grow up in.