Reason that College Tuition Should Be Free

I think every college should have free tuition. The reason why is that if colleges are free this would encourage our high school graduates who maybe don’t have enough money to pay for college but still want to go to their favorite college can. Also if college was free than this would get more people to go to college and get a job. Then if more people get jobs than the unemployment rate would go down.Another reason that college tuition should be free is that so instead of kids having to save up for college they can spend it on other things like putting it away in a bank account or saving up to buy a house more constructive things.

But when you first read this you might be thinking well aren’t colleges going to get really full with all the kids they accept. Well what if I told you simply that colleges could turn down kids that are not academically up to their standards for that school.This also could open more jobs up as teachers or school supervisors or school counselors. Plus this would also give the teenagers of our next generation more jobs offers so they can find out what they really want to do in their life as a future college graduate. These reasons and more are why college tuition should be free.

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