One of my biggest concerns with my high school is drug use.

In the school one of the main things I hear students talking about is drugs. The main focus of these conversations is marijuana. Now while not everyone in the school may be doing this; it is a large percent of the students. With the removal of either these students, or illegal drugs I think the overall moral would go up at school and I think test scores throughout the school would increase significantly. To solve this issue I suggest random drug testing of students suspected of use of illegal substances. If a drug test comes up positive and it is the first time the student is caught I think the student should be temporarily suspended.

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When the student returns another test should be given a few months after their return without warning. If the student did not learn from their mistakes and decide to make better choices they should be removed. If the school administrators really lock down on drug use there will still be the small percentage of people who continue to make bad choices but there will also be a larger population who stop and correct their behavior. Another concern I have is the lack of classes that teach us life skills. When I say life skills I mean classes such as a driver’s education or a class where you get to learn how to fix things.

I always hear about these classes that existed in the past from the stories teachers tell the students. Apparently there used to be a class where students could work on and repair cars of students in the school. I think there should be electives that teach us life skills and labor skills. While academic classes benefit the students greatly in the future when we get full time jobs and go to college; currently we can only do part-time and it would be useful if we learned a skill that could help us earn money as young adults. Also a driver’s education class would be very useful teaching students to drive themselves places.

I think these classes would also teach to students to be less dependent on others. Thirdly I think bullying, both cyber and personal, is a problem at my school. Bullying is one of the leading causes of teen suicides and it needs to stop. I think cyber bullying is also a growing problem as social media continues to grow so does cyber bullying. If anyone is being bullied they should report it immediately. To lower the amount of bullying in and outside of the high school students should be encouraged to report bullying whether it is them being bullied themselves or they witness bullying.

If a student is bullying another student there needs to be very strict punishments in order to stop it. The final issue I would like to address is teacher student relations and the overall morale at school. I think that some teachers treat the students wrong and at the same time there are students who do not treat the teachers right. I think that students who refuse to follow directions or do not listen to the teachers should be punished more often or more strictly. Many students think they can get away with anything they want and act like they can.

I think that both teachers and students should try and be nicer to each other in order to raise the overall morale at the school. In order to do this I think students who refuse to listen should be more strictly punished. The point of going to school is to learn so we can benefit from our knowledge both now and in the future. If students do not want to they should not be forced. Students who do not listen to teachers not only cause trouble and stress for the teacher they distract the class and slow the class down. If the student repeatedly acts out they should be expelled from the school or put into a class where the rules are enforced more strictly.

A class could be made strictly for the students who act out where no misbehavior is accepted and then these trouble making students would learn to behave and would want to so they could be in normal classes. The high school could also have a teacher appreciation week as well as a student appreciation week to show that both groups are respected.