Throughout history each generation has had a motto to sum up there time on this earth. Our parents had Carpe Diem, we have YOLO. These sayings are what can either motivate our idiotic decisions, or infuse a motivation. For me it has infused an unstoppable motivation. I am well aware that time is of the essence, to live out my life. I want to be able to lie on my death bed and say I have no regrets.

I want to say I whole heartedly embraced life. I want to capture it, to digest it, to become it. I want to be able to take god’s gift and use it to its fullest advantage. However I know that this can be easier said than done. There are many young people who have the same wants as me.

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So what makes me any different? What separates me from the rest of the bunch? I’m sure that my grandparents and parents probably thought the exact same way as well? They once dreamed of travelling the world and making a difference. However as many people do they gave up their dreams, and went a different route. Instead they decided to conform to what society calls the “American Dream”, instead of their own. That is my fear that one day I will wake up and realized that I conformed. That I let time fly pass me.

My fear is that my unstoppable motivation may not be so unstoppable. That as many people do I may put my hopes off, until there is no more time left. My fear is that I will become as most of society is just a dreamer, instead of an achiever.