In today’s world, connections are everything. Knowing someone who can get you a job or can introduce you to someone important is the difference between becoming a CEO and working as a clerk. I am personally blessed to have a large amount of connections due to the fact that many people in my family run successful businesses. These connections will help me greatly in the future with getting into colleges, getting a job, and meeting important people.

My father is a lawyer as well as a businessman. I can always count on him for connections into the world of law and business because he owns a successful law office as well as a trucking company and previously owned an adoption agency as well as a bussing company. I plan on getting many hours of work experience through working at his office filing papers and answering phones. This experience will be vital for future job applications as many companies are looking for employees with a lot of experience. He also was a legacy at the University of Florida, which would increase my chances of getting in to that college.

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Also my father used to be in a band,Disciple, which opened for many famous people such as Amy Grant, The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet. I plan on getting into the music business I the future and my father’s connections to record companies as well as other important people in the music world. My uncle owns an internal medicine private practice and has worked in various hospitals infamous for large amounts of extreme injuries and accidents in places like New York and New Jersey. After I get my Associate Degree I would like to enter the medical field as well. Having this connection with my uncle allows me to get priceless training and experience. Because my uncle works in the medical field I can intern for him and learn a lot about how a doctors office works, how to deal with patients and how to do many other common procedures.

I will be able to watch in on how everything happens and what to expect if I decide to go into a private practice. This will give me an advantage over other people trying to obtain the same job as me. My uncle also will be able to give me many tips and pieces of advice for getting through medical school and working in a busy hospital. Another connection I have is with my mother. She is an elementary school teacher in Merritt Island.

I have already taken advantage of this connection by volunteering at the school and getting countless hours. Also, volunteering at the school gives me a lot of practice with people, how to be a leader, and how to instruct people. These skills will transition very well in to any work force, as you will always need to have good people skills, good leadership qualities and the ability to help others. Also, being a teacher you have to be extremely organized and prepared. Having a mother as a teacher taught me how to organize my life and to always be prepared.

The traits I learned from working at my mother’s school have already helped me to advance my career in school so I can stay at the top of my class. I am very blessed to have so many connections at my disposal. My father, mother, and uncle are just a few of the many relationships I have that give me connections into social capital that will help me in my future.