Subs for School Classes Need to be Fun

Yes, teachers have to miss school as well as students but when a teacher does miss school the sub should be a fun person.

In class we have a sub named Mr.Mccullen, none of us like him. He yells at us, oes not talk and when he does he just ends up yelling agian. When the teacher is gone os the only day that the kids get to have fun and schools should let the kids have that. Teacher could just never miss school but they have lives of their own and problems, and yes some teachers get sick even the ones you don’t think is a human. Most the time when there is a sub for a class kids get sent to the office a lot but that is only do to the fact that the sub is no fun.

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Some students will really need to be sent yes but most just go because the sub is trying to be mr.not nice guy. If a sub would just treat us as equles like most of the techers at my school do then everyone would get along just fine. Being a sub for high school kids should be fun not horrorable. Most everyone who does not do there work is still not going to do it and everyone who does do there work will still do it so being a pian is not going to help.