The Hardest Job of My Life

The Hardest Job of My Life I have never had a worse meal than the one I had with my teacher.

Keller homestead dining room. Throughout this entry I Helen Keller will explain the time when I was given a teacher that i didn’t like.When she arrived at my parents home she gave me a new doll and then tried to take it away so I hit her with it and locked her in the room. I feel like she deserved it though because she gave it to me it was mine and she took it away. My thoughts and feeling about my new teacher.

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Right now the way I feel about her is that one I feel angry about myself because she is trying to control me and I do not like being controlled by other people. I was frightened because she started to hit me and my parents were not there to help me. I felt scared because I did not know what was going on because my mother was gone and I was left with my teacher. My worries and concerns about my teacher. I am worried about what she might do to me later on in my life.

I feel concerned because I do not know if my mother and father will help me when my teacher tries to control me. I’m also worried because she might keep trying to control me even though she knows I don’t need her help. How I plan to handle the situation with my teacher. I plan to handle this by not listening to her because I am deaf. I plan to handle this by doing what I want to because no one can control me. I plan to handle this by making it look like she is not teaching me because I do not want her to stay here anymore and I will do this by making the biggest mess I can.

This is my thoughts, feelings, and plans to get rid of my teacher. I have learned never give up and always try. Michael Jordan, said “I’ve failed over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed” (BrainyQuote). I will never give up and will not let her control me. I will also do whatever it takes to get rid of her.